Eastern Counties MEPs Hail Cambridgeshire County and District Council Successes

The UK Independence Party is celebrating a double by-election victory in Ramsey,
Cambridgeshire, where local man, Peter Reeve has been elected to both Cambridgeshire
County Council and Huntingdonshire District Council.   The County Council election was
delayed due to the death of one of the candidates, which also created a vacancy on
the District Council.

Cllr Reeve took the County seat with 865 votes beating the Tories into second place
on 682 votes.  He took the District Council seat with 753 votes.  The runner-up was a
gain the Tories with 569.

The Party's MEPs in the Eastern Counties, David Campbell Bannerman and Stuart
Agnew both campaigned for Mr Reeve in Ramsey and issued a joint statement after
the result was announced:  "We are delighted that Peter has won such a superb double
victory and congratulate him on the hard work he has put in over several years to achieve
it.  It is a victory that will continue to make the point that UKIP can and does win in
domestic elections.  We are now a Party that has gone beyond electoral success in
European Elections and is ready to go from strength to strength in British politics.
We have come of age."

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