Economic recovery will enable SMEs to grow with the help of technology


With economic growth in the UK predicted to increase in 2014, small and medium enterprises will be able to find their feet again, but only with the help of advanced IT systems and networks.

Although the world is becoming ever more reliant on technology with most larger businesses operating on sophisticated IT systems, many smaller companies still do not make the most of what technology has to offer. Cloud Computing Specialist Company, Qubic, say that SMEs who do not maximise the use of the technology are potentially restricting their own growth.




Managing director of Qubic, Chris Papa says “Technology is crucial in helping businesses expand. Hosted solutions deliver ultimate flexibility and can help SMEs reach their full potential by relieving employees of time-consuming commitments”

With a 2.4% increase in economic growth expected this year[1], there will undoubtedly be a surge in demand for IT services as businesses find their feet. Not wanting to jeopardise their place in the market, enterprises will want take advantage of IT advances without tying-up large amounts of capital.

Chris continued “We recognise that tying-up capital by investing in hardware and software is particularly difficult for businesses that have been hurt by the decline of the UK’s economy. We can remove the need for large, upfront costs traditionally associated with investment in IT. A hosted solution can help companies build their confidence and help them to expand”

Qubic champions cost-effective, innovative IT systems for small businesses and is able to douse any concerns they have about expanding. With frequent technology advances, it is becoming commonplace for businesses to be positioned in size categories not by the number of staff they employ, but by the maturity of their IT systems.

Inline with technology becoming more accessible, IT providers have developed inexpensive systems targeted at companies who have limited funding and staff. Subscription based plans for acquisition of hardware and software allow businesses to only spend what they need as and when they need to, instead of wasting money on expensive systems that they will not make the most of.

Chris concluded “In order for SMEs to develop, it is imperative they have the proper provision in place. The correct systems will support the business as it grows, making it their day-to-day operations efficient. They need not worry about maintenance or troubleshooting as the system is hosted off-site and can be managed by a team of experienced professionals.”

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