Election is tomorrow. Will you regret not taking action?

Election Day is tomorrow, and the stakes could not be higher. New-age socialists have popped up as victors in Democratic primaries all across the country. This is absolutely frightening because socialism has never worked and has no place in the United States of America. We have an incredible opportunity and responsibility in the final hours to stop this madness. Our volunteers have been texting, calling, and writing letters to critical voters in toss-up races around the country, but we need you to join us sending text messages and making phone calls to secure our nation’s future.



We are specifically targeting 2016-only Trump voters – so these are people who rarely vote, and when they did, they came out to vote for President Trump. We need them to come out again and support the Republicans so that Democrats don’t win the House.

Please help us send a few text messages encouraging people to show up and vote on November 6th. You can use this link to start that process with our new texting app. Even if you can only send messages for 5 – 10 minutes, give the app a try and let us know what you think of it.



This is our last day to stop the blue wave that so many pundits are predicting. We have a super easy-to-use phone banking system. You can use it from your smartphone or at your computer.



With 24 hours to go, the Democrats have a massive funding advantage, and we need everyone to help Get Out The Vote across the country. Every voter phone number and address costs money. In order to reach those voters and get them to turn out, we need volunteers and we need money to buy the voter information. If you are able, please Donate to Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund to help us buy voter data. We have been texting, calling and writing letters to close to 15 states across the country. If you aren’t able to volunteer, please consider donating so that we can continue to purchase the voter data for more states.


Finally, please don’t forget to vote tomorrow to help protect the majorities in the House and Senate. With the right people in Congress, President Trump will be able to continue implementing his agenda to Make America Great Again! Let’s make sure he has the support he needs in Congress!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth

P.S. Next year marks the 10-year anniversary for the tea party. Can you believe it’s been nearly a decade since we got started? In the coming weeks, we will have more information about the special gala we are hosting in Washington, D.C. to commemorate this important anniversary and to plan our future. Be on the lookout for that email, and make a plan to join us to celebrate our achievements and plan our next steps for the coming years. Thank you for being part of our movement!

Some Important Information Regarding Emails

When the November elections are over, we are excited to be transitioning our focus from our federal super political action committee, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, back to taking action on the important issues facing our nation. Because of this, these types of emails will be sent from:

→ jenny.beth@teapartypatriotsaction.org
→ newsletter@teapartypatriotsaction.org

Since these are new addresses, it is critically important that they be added to your email program. Otherwise, these new emails may end up in your SPAM or Junk Mail folder. If you do not know how to do this, we have provided instructions to help you.