Enjoy the holidays and be ready to combat the lunacy of the Left at the start of the new year

We, here, at Tea Party Patriots hope you’ve had a happy holiday season and a chance to tune out the Democrats’ impeachment madness!



In the new year, the Trump Defense Team will need your help, as Democrats continue forward with their impeachment sham. But, for now, we hope you have a fantastic holiday season surrounded by those you love most.

During this holiday season, we’ve got something we know you’ll enjoy…


A great holiday poem titled: ‘Twas the night before 2020


A poem about President Trump, the 2020 election, and the impeachment sham.


Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!

One In Four Judges Are Trump Nominees

This month, President Donald Trump passed two incredible milestones when it comes to the restoration of the Federal Judiciary. With incredible help from the Senate GOP, specifically Mitch McConnell , Linsday Graham, and Chuck Grassley , Trump has appointed 50 Circuit court judges. This means that one in every four judges on the circuit courts has been appointed by this administration…..

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Medicare for All Will Run & Ruin Your Life

2020 Democrats, besides Joe Biden, all have one thing in common: their support for Medicare for All. Joe Biden continues to speak of the non-existent successes of Obamacare, claiming he will build on the abject failure that is the Affordable Care Act. But, while he aimlessly babbles on, all other 2020 Democrats continue their push for a single-payer system….

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Moderate Democrats are Socialists in Sheep’s Clothing

The mainstream media portrays the Democrat presidential primary as a fight between socialists and moderates for the party’s future. On one side, Sen. Bernie Sanders has embraced the label of democratic-socialist and pushes for policies like government-run health care and free college for all….

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America Is Watching

Despite their overwhelming lack of evidence, Democrats have decided to move forward with articles of impeachment. Today, House Democrats will vote along party lines to send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, where this nonsense will, undoubtedly, be brought to an end…..

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