EPI TP400 engine takes off – but will the 400M?


The engine intended for the Airbus 400M finally took to the air in a US Lockheed C130. Seen above on the port inbound station.

The TP400 power-plant developed for the A400M by EuroProp International (EPI) took to the air for the first time on 17th December 2008 on the Lockheed C-130K flight test-bed. The TP400 is installed on the inner left engine mount of the C-130K which is otherwise powered by three of the usually four Allison T56 turbopropellers The aircraft took off at 10.44 local time from Cambridge airfield (UK) where Marshall Aerospace, which is conducting the flight test-bed trials, is based, and touched down at 11.59 local time. The flight lasted one hour and 15 minutes.


Impression of what the A400M will look like if it ever gets built

The A400M programme is now in deep trouble with the intended users looking at or already using Boeing C17 military airlift machines. If the project fails, Airbus Industries may be liable for penalty payments.




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