“Er, Um, Crikey!” Fabbers Has Hancock Spluttering


Matt Hancock looked a little lost for words in response to Michael Fabricant’s praise for Waitrose boss Mark Price in the Commons:



Michael Fabricant : I did not have to use the Freedom of Information Act because I went on to the gov.uk website to find out that the excellent Mark Price, managing director of Waitrose, is now a non-executive director of the board of the Cabinet Office. May I say what a wise choice that is? What is my right hon. Friend doing to ensure that similar people are appointed to other Government Departments?

Matthew Hancock: Er, um, crikey! Where to start? Mark Price is, indeed, an incredibly impressive businessman and I look forward to working with him on the Cabinet Office board.

Good of Fabbers to help out his best friend and soulmate’s boss!

H/T @isabelhardman
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