EU Insanity in Full Display

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Whilst the Eurocrats have been busy sunning themselves and sipping champagne on their yachts, we too have been busy uncovering their corrupt practices in a whirlwind of media coverage.

We were quoted in the Daily Express splash about £22 billion being handed to boost the French economy, pointing out the money was being wasted as France’s dire economic performance was due to its ‘old-fashioned socialist tax-and-spend policies’. With £2.9 billion of the bill to come from the British taxpayer we are yet again propping up the French economy while the leader the French elected is too incompetent to manage his country, and pursues anti-growth policies.

Whilst they subsidise failure in France, the EU also wants to punish success in Britain. In The Commentator we write about the EU’s relentless attempts to destroy London’s financial sector. The financial services industry is the brightest economic spot in the miserable European Union. Simon Rose of Get Britain Out also went on the Keiser Report on Russia Today and discussed how the EU is set against banking in London and the City. If you missed the original broadcast you can watch the full interview by following the link below.

There is of course no shortage of EU insanity in full display, as we also revealed on Breitbart how the EU undermines and threatens scientific research, because of recent privacy laws proposed by the European Parliament to ‘protect’ personal information. Juncker’s recently appointed Science Tsar, Anne Glover, is undoubtedly not worried by the effects of privacy on scientific research, as she believes her own advice to the Commission should remain “not transparent” and immune from public scrutiny.

In a Breitbart article we also shed light on the severe decline of Britain’s influence over EU legislation in the coming months. After November 1st the Eurozone countries will be able to pass any EU law they choose to – even if Britain and the non-Eurozone countries protest. So much for Britain’s influence in the EU!

This month we have also seen the welcome rebuttal of the Lib Dems’ “3 million jobs lie”. In a piece in The Commentator we expose how Lib Dem cabinet ministers manipulated a decade old report to fabricate the claim that over 3 million British jobs depend on us remaining in the EU. With the Europhiles resorting to such tactics it is clear just how desperate they are and how well we are winning the argument.

We have also been name-dropped as “a formidable pressure group” by Tim Hedges in a Commentator article – UK and the EU? Facts, unity, courage will get us out – which we highly recommend you read.

We suggest you forward this e-bulletin to your friends and colleagues who are also incensed about our relationship with the EU – both to inform and entertain them over the Bank Holiday weekend – and perhaps you can encourage them to sign up to our campaign! As such Get Britain Out is clearly making an impact and this is something we will continue with as we approach the General Election.

With our best wishes,
Onwards and Outwards,

Alan Murad
Acting Campaign Manager, Get Britain Out

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