EU Parliament talks big data and privacy as IoT booms

London, 14 March 2017 – The European Parliament will today vote on a report on big data and privacy. The report identifies heightened concern around the security of big data, especially in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT). It therefore recognises an added value in technology developments which improve security, and calls for greater cooperation between public and private sectors.

Ben Boswell, UK & Ireland Director of World Wide Technology (WWT), comments: “The EU Parliament’s discussion of this report is timely, as some of the hype fades and public attention turns to the security aspects of the IoT. With the upcoming GDPR regulation, which will require companies to publicise any data breaches, the issue of consumer confidence in data governance should be front of mind for any business.

“The reality is that IoT projects – whilst offering incredible results for business and consumer alike – must be considered holistically. Networks, analytics functions and cyber security are all part of successful and sustainable IoT implementation, and it’s certain that no company can go it alone. Greater collaboration, as called for by the EU Parliament, will be key to tackling the security issues around this technology and unlocking its true value.”