EU Sinks to New Lows in Brexit Battle

The Sixth ‘Road to Brexit’ speech has been delivered by Prime Minister Theresa May in central London this afternoon – relocated from the North because of the snow! In light of recent pressures, the reiteration that Brexit must mean “taking back control of our borders, laws and money” was music to Leavers’ ears, and has quashed the idea we would Remain “aligned” to EU regulations after Leaving the EU! Mrs May also hammered home the point about jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice ceasing to reign supreme in Britain over the control of our own courts!



However, under May’s vision, crucial British sectors risk being turned into vassal industries, perpetually trapped within Brussels’ regulatory orbit and with the Government having no say over the laws which shape them! The suggestion we would continue to abide by EU regulations in areas such as chemicals and medicines, whilst also mirroring the EU on State aid, is not acceptable. This is not compatible with our taking back control!

It is vital – if the Government truly wants to respect the EU Referendum result – we do no tether ourselves to laws or regulations over which we have no say. As the 21st Century brings countless new emerging industries, regulatory flexibility is key, rather than fastening ourselves inside any EU-sized straight-jacket!

One major concern at the end of the Prime Minister’s speech today was the disagreeable rhetoric alleging that Europeanism is a key part of British identity. Mrs May stated: “We are all still Europeans”. For most Britons this is – at most – a fringe element of their selfhood and it is certainly not appropriate for a UK Prime Minister to forcibly assign such an identity onto the British people.

Many in Great Britain are very proud of their individual national identities, aligned with their country of birth or their country of origin – as are many in the individual countries of Europe. Without question, a wonderful feature of the European continent is the diverse and eclectic array of cultures and identities within its parameters. Attempts in recent decades to displace these national loyalties with a supranational one, not only threatens this vibrant dynamic, but also assists with the EU’s trajectory towards full-blown statehood. This kind of attempt to suppress of nationality must be resisted.

While we can understand Mrs May might be trying to reassure the EU of our ongoing co-operation and friendship with Europe and Europeans, this does not make us all ‘Europeans’!

Elsewhere, those on the EU gravy-train, and those with huge sums of money to try and protect their own commercial interests, are pulling out all the stops to try and browbeat Britain into Remaining in both the Single Market and Customs Union. Having lost the debate, their only existing recourse is hyperbolic scaremongering mixed with smear and insult.

This was undoubtedly the case when the EU’s despicable trio of Michel Barnier, Donald Tusk and Guy Verhofstadt had their say again this week on Britain’s departure. The sheer level of animosity from these ardent federalists has only further strengthened the case for the United Kingdom to seriously consider walking away from the negotiating table, taking with us our enormous Divorce Bill of £40 billion, and the additional billions we might consider paying to be part of reasonable alliances!

This week the most contemptible intervention was from the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier – in the form a Draft Withdrawal Treaty which supposedly seeks to address the issue of the Irish border. The text – concocted behind closed Brussels’ doors – was presented by Barnier on Wednesday in nothing short of an aggressive manoeuvre, challenging the very constitutional structure of the United Kingdom.

I was literally shouting at him from my office desk I was so infuriated!

Barnier suggested Northern Ireland should Remain aligned with EU laws and trapped within the Customs Union, in an effective annexation of an integral part of our Great Britain. Thankfully, even Theresa May could not succumb to these demands and at Prime Minister’s Questions this week, she said the terms were something to which she would never agree to – asserting: “No UK Prime Minister could ever agree to it”.

Meanwhile, Donald Tusk continued to play hardball by indicating trade between the two sides would not remain frictionless post-Brexit. Perhaps someone needs to remind Tusk of the EU’s astronomical trade surplus it has with the United Kingdom – reaching well over £60 billion. If this is the course of action the EU wants to take, many European producers and manufacturers would suffer, as it would cut them off from their largest export market – Britain.

Earlier this week, the federalist caricature and European Parliament co-ordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, informed journalists of the EU’s plans to ‘inundate Britain with harmful laws during any Transition Period’. Without a single voice in any of the institutions between the end of our EU membership in March 2019 and the agreed end of the ‘Transition Period’ on 31st December 2020, we would have no choice but to sit idly by whilst crazed bureaucrats implement an array of hare-brained and dangerous laws onto our statute book.

This is further proof of why the United Kingdom must make a clean break from the EU on March 29th next year.

Whilst these Eurocrats screech and squeal, claiming the UK is disregarding Phase One of the EU Withdrawal Agreement signed in December, they themselves are guilty of just such an act!
It was made clear in the text the United Kingdom is Leaving the Single Market and Customs Union.

Both sides agreed this, and it is completely unacceptable for Michel Barnier and co. to try and manipulate the United Kingdom’s constitution to continue to push for Northern Ireland to Remain within the Customs Union!

Back over in Blighty, the supposed ‘man of the people’, Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn has betrayed millions of Labour Leave voters this week, by pledging Labour will Remain within ‘a’ Customs Union if they get their hands on the keys to Number 10. Such a course of action would keep our country locked within the European Union’s protectionist racket, forcing Britain’s hard-working families to shell out unduly excessive proportions of their income on basics such as food and clothing.

Leaving the Customs Union would see a massive reduction in the prices of these goods. Those most stretched would have more money left over at the end of the month to spend on additional things to do, and sometimes, well-deserved luxuries. Moreover, the Labour Party’s claims to be “internationalist” is now devoid of all credibility. The best way to engage with the wider world is through striking independent trade deals across the globe, and not to lock ourselves away behind binding tariff barriers. We must not allow faceless European bureaucrats to negotiate on our behalf for our future.

Wednesday saw the offensively dull and irrelevant former Prime Minister John Major once again crawl out of the woodwork to give his two pennies’ worth. Unsurprisingly, the arch-Europhile called for a 2nd Referendum and suggested our country does not have the ability to go it alone.

For those viewing Major’s speech with any semblance of credibility, it is worth reminding them, this is the individual who disastrously signed us up the Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1990, and defended this decision up to the point of catastrophe. He also pitifully surrendered swathes of British sovereignty in areas such as Justice and Foreign Policy when he signed the Maastricht Treaty. And he never gave the Great British Public any chance to make up their own minds in any Referendum!

This lack of faith in the Great British Public is sadly shared by many on the Remain side who would rather all important decisions were made for us by unelected foreign bureaucrats.

Major was not alone however, amongst reviled former Prime Ministers speaking out against democracy. In a joint effort co-ordinated by Remoaner group Open Britain, the Remain funder Tony Blair – through his usual sinister smile – also told us Brexit must be stopped. Some things will never change!

Of course, such efforts do not exist in isolation and it is worth remembering it was only last month when Remoaner group Best for Britain launched their own campaign to try and thwart Brexit. Heavily funded by multi-billionaire George Soros, with the likes of Sir Richard Branson displaying their support, the campaign represents the antithesis of democracy.

The Great British People are not stupid. They know what they voted for, and it was not these motley Remoaners!

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Get Britain Out is still fighting for the Best Brexit for the United Kingdom, so we can take back control of our laws, borders, trade and our money. We are now into Phase 2 of the negotiations. Talks on the Transition Period and Withdrawal agreement are well under way, with talks on trade beginning later this month. There is still a long way to go!

Keep safe and warm.

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