EU Unpopularity, Qatada and Immigration

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The latest opinion poll on attitudes towards the EU shows that we’re not the only ones who are angry at the European Union. According to the Eurobarometer poll, 69% of the Great British Public are dissatisfied with the EU and in Spain that number rises to 72%. Can you blame them? The Euro has been a disaster and unemployment is at a critical level. I am quoted in this morning’s Daily Express saying that our In/Out referendum can’t come soon enough. The contagion will soon reach the UK, especially as we’re due to pay £6.2bn to get even more poor countries into the Euro!


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This week the government failed in its bid to deport Abu Qatada to Jordan. This is frankly disgraceful. The European Convention on Human Rights, of which the EU is now a member, binds the government. The simple fact is while we’re in the EU and ECHR, Qatada stays. It shows where the government’s priorities lie. The only way to deport Qatada – and the slew of other foreign criminals and terrorists – is to Get Britain Out of both the ECHR and the EU.

As each day goes by, we are closer to being forced to open up our borders even more to jobless Bulgarians and Romanians. The BBC tried to skew the debate with a poll on Newsnight this week. Trying to belittle our concerns about the wave of immigration to come, they said only a few per cent would arrive. This translates into 50,000 a year, which could be an underestimate!

Romania and Bulgaria could be the tip of the iceberg, however. Last week the EU formally proposed Serbia’s accession to the EU. This is yet another poor Eastern European nation, of over 7 million people, who have masses to gain from EU membership and little to give and if we don’t get out of the EU quickly, our contributions to EU coffers will increase and more jobs will be taken from the British people. Give it a few years and we’ll be talking about the next wave. Even this afternoon news has broken that Brussels wants to make it easier for EU migrants to move to Britain. As the article discloses, “new Brussels proposals today defy British protests over benefit tourism and abuse of European free movement rules by making it easier for migrants to move to Britain including ‘redress against any breach of rights'”. The UK could sink under this tsunami!

Of course, a fact we all know, the only way regain control of our borders is to Get Britain Out of the EU – as soon as possible.

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Tim Aker
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