EUSSR Ch4 propaganda mockumentory could aid Ukip


In a disgraceful propaganda film aired on Ch4, the EUSSR sought to interfere in the British General Election at its mid point. The film is something that the German Nazis would have been proud of and an indication of how desperate the EUSSR’s Polit Bureau is becoming.

The film attempted to smear Ukip as a racist party opposed by most of the British population which hardly explained how the basis of the film, UKIP the First 100 Days, had been achieved without a significant majority of British voters showing their contempt for the tired old LibLabCon Party and voted Ukip in with a working majority.

In reality, the film was an attack not on Ukip but on British voters and accompanied with the same crude threats that were used in the Scottish Dependency Vote that was responsible for boosting support for the SNP and almost handed them victory.

What the film did not say was that it was motivated by a poll that showed the real support for Ukip was on course to provide them with a working majority, placing Farage in Downing Street.

To support the assertions of Ukip creating racial tensions and riots, the film used actual news film of race riots caused by the policies of the Con and Lab factions of the LibLabCon Party during their periods of management. Interesting that the film makers should try to show Ukip as racially deviding Britain, when the real life film showed that it was the LibLabCon Party that caused racial violence.

The film was strewn with the misconceptions held by the ruling elite and created so much outrage that it was worth a further four points for Ukip

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