Executive Amnesty emergency


Senate Republicans just left Washington on recess.

They’ve stopped fighting the Democrats and Executive Amnesty – at least for the moment.



We’re starting to get worried. It looks, once again, like GOP Senators are about to surrender to President Obama. And if they do, his Executive Amnesty will stand for good!

Will you please make an urgent contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford to help us pound on key on-the-fence Senators while they are at home on recess?

This may be our last chance to defund President Obama’s illegal Executive Amnesty order. We must take action quickly.

Republican Senators left town and want the conservatives in the House to deal with this mess.

But the House has already defunded Executive Amnesty! They’ve done their job.

Now, Senate Republicans need to find a way to defeat the Democrats’ filibuster, or at least go around it. That’s why the American people put them in charge.

So, it is up to the Tea Party to make sure the GOP doesn’t cave and Obama’s Executive Amnesty never receives a single dime of funding!

Please give whatever you can to this emergency grassroots push.

Last week, we made a nationwide push for Senator Mitch McConnell to cancel this recess. We even published a high-profile op-ed in the Daily Caller.

Unfortunately, the D.C. politicians didn’t get the message. So it’s time to ratchet up our efforts.

We’ve put local Tea Party groups in key states on alert. They are going to have to spring into action and personally challenge their Senators to defund Executive Amnesty.

It’s clear that if we don’t win this battle in the grassroots – this week – Republicans on Capitol Hill are likely to cave.

We must not let that happen.

Please donate whatever you can right now. This really is urgent.

Democrats are perfectly willing to shut down the Coast Guard and the Border Patrol if it means they can bully Republicans into caving on President Obama’s illegal Executive Amnesty order.

They are absolutely ruthless.

And a growing number of squishy Republicans seem to want the House to simply pass a bill that gives Obama everything he wants.

They want to just throw in the towel on this issue, just like they did on Obamacare funding, the fiscal cliff tax increase, and many, many other bills.

That’s not acceptable to us. And we’re confident you won’t accept surrender on this issue either.

But to win this battle, we must fight like crazy in the grassroots. We must really make the key Senators hear us when they are at home on their recess.

Please help us do just that. We only have a few days to sway these key Senators.

Just click here to make the very best gift you can.

Thank you in advance for all your help.


For Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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