Fear and Principle


David Davis reminding us what democracy is for

The second significant event of last week was also something that might not appear to have international implications, but it is a slow burning story that could cause a great explosion.

British Shadow Home Secretary David Davis struck terror into the Blair Brown Regime and into other politicians. He also caused a storm of confusion amongst the political classes and the news media.

What he did was revolutionary in modern politics – he resigned on a matter of principle.

The Blair Brown Regime functionaries were thrown into confusion because they believe that politics is just a great trough into which they can thrust their snouts and gorge on taxpayers’ money. Things like ‘principle’ just don’t come into and resignations are only for people who have done nothing wrong.

Since 1997, the news media has become used to this self-serving behaviour by greedy politicians and were just as confused as the national socialists.

For David Davis, the vote on 42 Days Detention was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He felt so strongly about the fiasco and stunt where “Bottler” Brown lost the debate but won the vote by bribery and threats, that he felt the time had come to stand on principle and force a by election to raise a debate on the remorseless erosion of civil liberties in Britain by the national socialists.


“Bottler” Brown reminding us what Fuehrer Bunkers are for

“Bottler” Brown has retired to his Fuerher Bunker to chew his finger nails down to the elbows, refusing to nominate a regime member to stand against Davis. Even by “Bottler’s” standards, this is cowardice on a major scale.

The Liberals have said they will not challenge for the seat because they agree with Davis on this point of principle. Intriguingly, Davis will be supported by a number of Labour MPs including Tony Benn, Marshal Andrews.

Today, politicians across the spectrum are stepping forward to support Davis while “Bottler” Brown hides in his funk hole.

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