Fight Corruption NOW

Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are not even trying to look unbiased anymore with this impeachment hoax.

If these hearing have revealed anything it’s that Adam Schiff is one of the most corrupt and dishonest politicians in Washington:

  • He lied about having evidence of Russian Collusion
  • He lied about not having contact with the whistleblower
  • Now he’s blocking Republicans from questioning witnesses to “protect” the whistleblower

They are running a FRAUD investigation intended to destroy my father’s good name. That’s why I am calling on all patriots to stand with me in defending our President.

Join the fight

Despite their best efforts, our movement is growing stronger by the day because Americans are sick of the Democrats’ BS. Let’s send the Democrats a loud and clear message that we are not intimidated by their attacks, and we will not stand down.

Stand with President Trump against impeachment. >>>

Thank you,

Donald Trump Jr.