Fight for Trump: Call this Judge and tell him to assign the GA lawsuit

Can I count on you to help President Trump?

We are trying to get a hearing for President Trump’s legal challenge to the results of the November general election in Georgia.

We filed the lawsuit weeks ago. It’s comprehensive, and it’s comprehensively documented – with more than 1,500 pages of affidavits from eyewitnesses testifying to violations of dozens of different Georgia laws.


But Judge Christopher Brasher, the Chief Judge of the Superior Court of Fulton County, has yet to assign the case to an administrative judge in another circuit, who will then assign the case.


Some suggest Chief Judge Brasher is deliberately stalling, in hopes he can delay the proceedings beyond Joe Biden’s inauguration. Then the Chief Judge could declare the lawsuit “moot,” and shut it down entirely.


I don’t know what his motivation is. I just know he has not yet done his job, weeks have gone by, and justice delayed is justice denied.


This is a matter of interest to those of us in Georgia, obviously, but it’s also important to any American voter who shares our concerns over the integrity of the November election in Georgia. So don’t think that just because you don’t live in Georgia, you don’t have a horse in this race. You do.


Here’s my request – would you call Chief Judge Brasher at (404) 612-4518 and say, “Please assign the case of the Trump legal challenge to the Georgia election results to an administrative judge in another circuit immediately. Stop delaying.”


We’re not asking him to do anything extraordinary, we’re just asking him to do his job and let the case move forward.


For weeks, President Trump’s critics and opponents have been gleefully saying that court after court and judge after judge have shot down the president’s legal challenges. But none of them have even seen the evidence offered. That’s all we’re asking for – we just want to be able to present the evidence we’ve gathered in a court of law, and then let the chips fall where they may.


We cannot do that until Chief Judge Brasher does his job, and assigns this case to an administrative judge in another circuit. And we need your help to make it happen.


Please, it will take you just a few moments. Call Chief Judge Brasher at (404) 612-4518 and ask him to please assign an administrative judge in another circuit to the case of the Trump legal challenge to the Georgia election results.


We’re grateful for your support on this issue, and for everything you’ve done to help defend our Constitutional liberties. It’s patriots like you that make our work possible, and we never forget that.


Thank you for your time, and, I hope, your call to Chief Judge Brasher.

In liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin