Fight medical mandates NOW. Momentum is on our side!

We have an additional urgent call to action this week. 

Right now, there is a fierce and gathering momentum against vaccine (and other medical) mandates – an issue we have been working on for months, working to build exactly this sort of momentum.

With the pilots, other airline workers, truckers, government employees, and more, walking out, calling in sick, NOW is the time to push harder!

First, visit our website,, to find protests already organized in your area, so that you can attend and support, and help further this momentum.


Second, if there is not a protest in your area, please step up to organize one! At this point, they do not need to be complex, large protests. Sign and flag waving at a busy intersection is a perfect thing to do! You can also register your event on, and then we will list your event too!

Third, make calls to your state government officials – state legislators and your governor – particularly if you live in a state governed by Republicans who have yet to stand up to vaccine mandates. Every Republican legislature should be passing legislation and every Republican governor should be signing executive orders protecting their citizens from mandates. Unfortunately, too many are NOT, and they need to feel the heat from the citizenry. There are many businesses and hospitals, even in red states, that are forcing vaccinations on their employees, and Republican elected officials can stop this. Put the pressure on them to protect you!


Fourth, doctors in many states (again, including red states!) are the subject of witch hunts by state medical associations, left wing groups, and/or the state medical boards, for simply doing what doctors are supposed to do – treat patients who are sick! They are literally filing complaints against doctors who prescribe Ivermectin (for instance), in an attempt to get their medical licenses taken away! This is happening in multiple states.

How can you help the doctors?

We created a mini-guide to help you defend these courageous doctors. Please look through the guide, and follow the instructions in it. You should do some research to find out if your state-based medical associations have put out statements or made complaints against these good doctors, and if so, include them in your action too. Lastly, if you were saved by a doctor who treated you for Covid, write your story down and send it to your doctor so that he or she has a copy. Save it, because you may have a use for it later as well. Conversely, if you have a doctor who refused to treat you, write that story down. You may want to file a complaint against that doctor for refusing to treat you.


There is momentum to push back the medical tyranny that has gained a foothold in America – don’t let it slip away! NOW IS THE TIME TO FIGHT!!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin