Fire the Speaker!

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Are you tired of politicians ignoring the problems that America faces today? Are you ready for real leadership in Washington, DC?



Then sign our petition to Fire the Speaker right now!

While Democrats are typically considered the culprits in increasing our national debt and expanding the size of government, all too often House Republicans led by John Boehner are willing to go along for the ride.

Let’s face it. Washington is broken and it’s time for real leadership. Since 2010, John Boehner has caved on nearly everything from cutting spending, defunding Obamacare, and raising taxes. That is not real leadership.

Real leadership would understand that the most important issue to keep the focus on is Obamacare. Too many Americans are being affected by this monstrous law in terrible ways, but instead John Boehner seems to be shifting his focus to immigration reform – an agenda that is being pushed by Democrats and big business cronies.

Real leadership would find ways to cut actual spending so that we stop dumping a mountain of debt on our children and grandchildren; and in no circumstance in our current economic environment would a real leader raise taxes.

Finally, real leadership would know to keep the focus on issues that most Americans care about – like stopping Obamacare and creating an environment for economic recovery – not shifting focus to amnesty under the guise of immigration reform.

If you are tired of the leadership in Washington, DC, sign our petition to Fire the Speaker today.

After you’ve done that, contact your Representative and tell them you are ready for real leadership in Washington, DC, and that it is time to Fire the Speaker.

Thank you,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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This petition is designed to encourage Members of Congress to choose a new Speaker of the House. Tea Party Patriots, Inc. does not endorse, oppose, or urge the election or defeat of any candidate for public office.

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