Firing up the Tante Ju


Berlin is determined to find a final solution to the Greek Problem. You can just hear the motors warming up as Tante Ju prepares to carry the next wave of paratroopers to Greece.


Merkel could be about to show Russian Nazi Putin just how to subjugate a sovereign country.

The Greeks had the temerity to vote the wrong way yesterday and Berlin is already telling them that the political change in Greece is of no significance and they will do as they are told.

There is much to play for because a Greek refusal to repay EU loans, or the huge interest rates forced on them, seems guaranteed to have them thrown out of the EuroZone, but then if they leave or are ejected, they will be followed by others and the EUSSR grand plan will come tumbling down.

A disorderly queue is already forming as Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy prepare to demand a reduction of their EU debt and an end to austerity. It the other end of the spectrum, Germans, Dutch and French politicians are under mounting pressure to leave before the EUSSR sucks all their money to splurge on the PIGS.

Meanwhile, the British exit from the EUSSR is looking more assured.

May we live in interesting times.

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