Future Aggreivement

Future Aggrievement – and May’s ‘Commons’ Conundrum

November has come and is almost gone, but we seem no closer to knowing if it’s Deal or No Deal. There is a Betrayal Brexit Deal on the table, agreed by EU leaders on 25th November, which is set to be defeated in the House of Commons on December 11th.


The Future Relationship Agreement with the EU is inexplicably vague and vexing for all parties. It’s an attempt to coax the Great British Public into accepting a really bad Deal which offers a situation whereby we must subscribe to the EU’s rules and yet have no say in any ongoing changes which may affect us. It’s far worse than our original full EU membership – the same view expressed by the Former Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab.

This Agreement – released for public consumption – was vague regarding all aspects of our future relationship with the EU, and is full of intentions, rather than concrete plans. The Agreement stipulates we would still remain close to the EU. Particularly vexing is the excerpt: “build and improve on the single customs territory”. We do not want to build their customs territory, we want to leave it!

The essence of the document is the UK will still be linked to the EU! We would not have full control over our waters, laws, borders and economy. The document does not satisfy the result of the EU Referendum, as it makes clear we will seek an integrated relationship with the European Union.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump captured May’s Deal perfectly: “Sounds like a great deal for the EU!”.The President couldn’t be more right.May has had an extraordinary opportunity – where any true believer of a Global Britain after our Brexit, would have jumped on – to better the US-UK relationship.

Instead, Mrs May has drafted a Deal which puts the EU first and the UK second. President Trump was clearly concerned by the fact May’s Deal means the UK could potentially have trouble trading with one of our closest allies: the United States. Trump offered the UK a US/UK Free Trade Deal 4 months ago, which we are now clearly unable to accept under the terms of May’s Brexit Betrayal Deal! Our Remain Prime Minister thinks she knows best, and rejected the President’s deal, choosing to side with her chief Civil Servant and staunch Remainer, Olly Robbins and the rest of the Brussels-backing clan.

And, while in Argentina for the G20 Summit today, she continues to insist: ‘My Deal a good deal for the UK’. However, it is not the Best Deal for a truly Global Britain. Is her head dug so deep into the Remainers’ sand, she cannot accept any advice from anyone but staunch Remainers???

The PM’s Brexit Deal circus has been touring Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in a vain attempt to drum up support and to try and save face. DUP leader Arlene Foster has likened this to May spouting “propaganda” about her deal, a deal which clearly appeases no one. The propaganda parades on with the May-Corbyn debate on the 9th December at 8pm – that’s if they can even agree on which TV channel will host it!

On Wednesday, Chancellor Phillip Hammond and Director of the Bank of England, Mark Carney released financial projections/analyses, which would be damning to every kind of Brexit. What else do you expect from Remainers with Brexit so close? Jacob Rees-Mogg MP offers the perfect retort: They said we would lose up to 800,000 jobs, simply by voting to leave the European Union. That was nonsense. This Deal is also nonsense. This is little more than Project Fear 2.0 according to an impassioned David Davies, the former Brexit Secretary, who spoke at the Economists for Free Trade event this week.

Also this week, Nobel prize-winning economist and trade theorist Paul Krugman has said Carney’s scenario was: “pretty far out on a limb”, suggesting the assumptions “do not follow from basic trade theory.” Krugman continued: ‘The big results depend on assumed relations between trade/FDI flows and productivity. It’s really important to understand that this channel does not follow from basic trade theory and comparative advantage; it’s a black-box story.”

These past 2 weeks have been frustrating for us all. We must keep on with the struggle! We must all continually contact MPs please, to oppose May’s deal when it comes to the vote in Parliament on December 11thWe must shout from the rooftops we want an actual EXIT from the EU, not a door half open, but a complete and total EXIT. We cannot be tied to the EU any longer. We must take back control of our money, borders and laws through a deal which achieves this or through No Deal. We must do this now!

Our most recent campaign at Get Britain Out has been to pressure MPs to deliver on the will of the People. Now is more important than ever to ensure Parliament honours the result of the Referendum, even if our own Prime Minister doesn’t. This week we sent an impassioned message to all Parliamentarians, asking them to vote down May’s betrayal of a Deal. We cannot miss the opportunity of our time and fail to secure a clear and decisive Brexit. We are making MPs realise that to endorse May’s Deal is to endorse the betrayal of the Great British Public.

Again we ask you to reignite the passion which saw us successful when we voted Leave in the EU Referendum in June 2016. We need you all to help revitalise our campaign to Get Britain Out, in order to get the Best Brexit for the United Kingdom. 


Please write more letters to your MPs – whether or not you have written to them before, and whether or not you have received replies before. Many of you write to us to say your MP is a Remainer (or a Leaver) and does not reply to you. However, it is vital you try again so your voice is heard, as they are your elected representatives.

Piles of letters through the post, delivered to their Constituency offices, will be much more effective than e-mails, although you can send e-mails as well if you have time please (you must include your name and address, or they will bin them.) If you do not regularly contact your MPs, how can they be aware of how strongly you feel? So hopefully, MPs up and down the country will receive all your letters next week when they return to their Constituencies – as a result of YOUR ACTIONS.

Please can you post the letter (see the link below) to your local MP’s Constituency office (with the correct postage please). Please encourage your MPs to vote against the Prime Minister’s Brexit Deal, and get behind a REAL Brexit Deal for the United Kingdom.

Here is a link to a sample letter here, and don’t forget to add in some personal thoughts too!

You can find out who your local MP is and their Constituency office address here, or ring the MP’s secretary in the House of Commons.

If you do not already know if your MP is a Leave or a Remain supporter, you will be able to find out from our comprehensive chart, which also indicates how your MP has voted during the EU Referendum Bill votes here.

Also, please think about making an appointment to actually see your MP in their Constituency office. If your MP’s local contact details are not listed, then please do call them on their London House of Commons office number, asking for the address or to arrange a surgery appointment. And take family members and friends along with you too – the more the Brexit-merrier! We also recommend you contact your local Conservative Association. Many Associations Chairs are equally as frustrated as we are, so it is still worthwhile getting your views across to them too.

Good luck. This is really important, and please let us know you get on.

Remember, your MP is NEVER too busy to address a constituent’s concerns – you voted them in in the first place! This way, your concerns about our shambles-of-a-Government’s Brexit negotiations will not go unnoticed for much longer, and you and Get Britain Out can help to save Brexit just in the nick of time!


The Brexit Vote was the most important vote of a lifetime, and is the most important issue since the end of the last World War! Lobby your Local Association Chairmen and Chairwomen, write to your MPs, arrange meetings with them – remember, sending a letter can be more effective than sending an e-mail.

The result of the EU Referendum MUST be honoured – and enforced. We must not be betrayed! It’s only 119 days now until we take back control and regain our independence!!!

That’s it for this ACTION edition of our e-Bulletin – and a massive thank-you, as always, for all your support.
Get Britain Out will keep on fighting for the Best Brexit for the United Kingdom, so we can take back control of our laws, borders, trade and money.

Best wishes,

Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

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