GA Sec. of State wants to certify votes by FRIDAY. What??

I’ve got the latest update from Georgia for you – and let me sum it up by saying that the attorneys who are volunteering with us need your help.

The Secretary of State is trying to move past this recount as fast as possible and wants Georgia to certify the votes by FRIDAY, even though major discrepancies have been found and there has been no meaningful audit of signatures!


Furthermore, I called election officials in Georgia and found out that they are being directed to report election night results, not recount results – even though they’re finding irregularities and votes that were never counted on election night!


I recorded those calls and then filed an Open Records Request to find out exactly what the Georgia Secretary of State told the election boards to do. We must see these communications!


Right now, I need your help to pay for hotel rooms, meals, and transportation for the attorneys that have volunteered their time, and are missing work to prove that President Trump won, and that the election is being stolen.


Our volunteer attorneys are working voluntarily around the clock to fight the effort to shut this all down on Friday. Please give whatever you can – $25, $50, $100 – or any amount that will make it possible for the attorneys to fight until every option is exhausted.


We don’t know what’s going to happen on Friday, but please pray that we stop the corrupt certification, and that we then have time to get to the bottom of the fraud and expose it!


Keep fighting!


For America,


Jenny Beth Martin