Get Britain Out – Another front page, EU migration and Latvia joins the Euro

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This is my last bulletin to you as Campaign Director as I am taking up an exciting new role later on this month. Get Britain Out will continue, of course, with a new Campaign Director to be announced soon. I have no doubt the campaign will go from strength to strength. It has been a pleasure working with so many of you and I wish you well in the future.


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This week we hit our third front page story in the Daily Express criticising the EU’s plans to circulate handbooks for migrants to settle and claim welfare in the UK. I was quoted saying: “This booklet is a disgrace. We are facing cuts and yet the EU gives EU migrants a handbook on how to settle in the UK and claim from the welfare state according to human rights and EU legislation. It’s not on.

“Obviously this will encourage more uncontrolled migration to the UK and inflate the numbers we can expect from Bulgaria and Romania next year. The only way to regain control of our national borders and control immigration is to leave the EU as soon as we can.”

If you went to any other country and rattled the charity tin, you’d be on the first boat out!

Another crisis on our doorsteps is the government’s “all-talk” attempts to limit welfare payments to EU migrants. We know it can’t be done – we’re all EU citizens and EU law prohibits discrimination amongst its ‘citizens’. I, for one, completely reject EU citizenship – I was never asked to have it and never wanted it. I was quoted in the Daily Express slamming the EU’s attempts to force us to pay welfare to those who have not paid into the pot beforehand. You can’t come here from day one and claim. That’s not how it’s done – you wouldn’t get it elsewhere, so you shouldn’t get it here.

Yesterday the government unveiled a new website to ‘Let Britain Decide’, a propaganda tool for the government’s plans for an EU Referendum in 2017 (that’s if the Conservatives are re-elected). Of course the website name should be ‘Let Britain Decide… 4 years from now’. They’ve got some front haven’t they? Only two years ago, Cameron whipped his MPs to vote against an EU Referendum. They then talked out John Baron’s bill to legislate for a referendum during this parliament. Frankly, they’re frightened of UKIP and it just won’t wash with the Great British Public. Next year our borders open up even more under current EU legislation, and waiting until 2017 for a referendum “if” they are elected again is an affront to the Great British Public.

The EU, however, never rests. It continues to use every crisis to its advantage. We have recently seen how the Libor scandal has prompted the EU to discuss moving interest rate supervision to the European Securities and Markets Authority in Paris. This is one of the three financial regulators set up post-Lisbon to cement the EU’s grasp on economic matters. The government’s response has been pitiful at best as the EU has powers over financial regulation.

Last week my heart went out to the Latvian people as its government agreed for Latvia to become the newest member of the Eurozone. What were they thinking? Look at Greece; look at Spain, Portugal and Ireland. Look how the EU dictates economic policy when things go wrong. Of course, this was never about economics or, for that matter, the welfare of the Latvian people. The EU is a club for the political class and that’s what the Latvian government aspires to. It’s tragic that yet another proud nation succumbs to the mess of pottage of the EU.

Keep on fighting with us, spread the word and get your friends and neighbours signed up to the campaign to Get Britain Out of the EU. The EU has made us poorer, less democratic and less free. We have right on our side and will see our independence one day.

With every best wish,

Tim Aker
Campaign Director

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