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The New Year got off to a good start for Get Britain Out.

Through the Daily Express we’ve exposed a plot to give illegal immigrants free access to the NHS, school places and housing. The proposal would effectively bring in an amnesty to illegal immigration. I am quoted as saying: “Raising a white flag to illegal immigration will only encourage and attract more people to enter the country illegally, without fear of getting caught. It is unfair to British citizens and unfair to immigrants who have arrived here by the correct and legal means.”

At a time when living standards are collapsing, it just goes to illustrate how the Eurocrats live on another planet. Their priorities have nothing to do with the problems faced by the multitudes they misrule. Nobody voted for them, and they have no stake in our national interests. Their agenda is to impose their narrow ideology and wacky policies without our approval. Through the press Get Britain Out unveiled this attempt to destroy Britain’s ability to control our own borders.

Again, we have been quoted in the Daily Express front page story on the furore triggered by Ken Clarke’s comments this week about immigration making Britain a more ‘exciting’ place. I said: “The British public do not want these unacceptable waves of immigration flooding into our country as a result of the open-door immigration policy imposed on us by the European Union. Europhiles like Ken Clarke, who think they know what is best for us, show precisely why we need to get Britain out of the EU as soon as possible.”

In the wake of George Osborne’s speech in which he said the EU must ‘reform or die’, I responded arguing that the EU is already reforming – into a federal superstate which threatens to destroy our democracy. Osborne believes the EU must do more to compete with the rest of the world, but in reality it’s the EU that’s restricting our economy through red-tape and regulations.

We have seen comments by EU Vice President Viviane Reding that a “United States of Europe” should be on the agenda for the EU elections to be held in May. We will push forward our own agenda: to mobilise the Great British Public to make sure they vote for Eurosceptic candidates. Let the May elections be the referendum we should be having and show Brussels what we think of their project to destroy nation-states, and pulverise our democracy.

Many Eurocrats are talking disparagingly of the rise of Euroscepticism and dismissing it as mere populism. What they call populism, I call democracy. We all know that democracy is just an ‘obstacle’ to the unelected, unaccountable elite in Brussels running twenty-eight nations without a mandate. This cannot go on.

As for the ambitions of the former Belgian Prime Minister and leader of the Euro-liberals Guy Verhofstadt MEP, we urge you not to miss out on his cringe-inducing campaign video for the top seat – President of the EU Commission. It looks like brilliant political satire but if you cut through the hubris it conveys a lot about the EU and the people running it. Furthermore, if you have twitter, do follow the hashtag #VerhofstadtQuotes for choice selections like “Citizens should have the right to exchange their original nationality for European nationality.” I’m sure the streets are overflowing with queues for ‘European’ nationality…

We should not forget that this position as President of the EU Commission grants more power than the democratically elected Prime Minister of the UK, and yet it is an unelected position of appointment. Tony Blair has wanted it in the past, and apparently Nick Clegg does too! But Verhofstadt is not merely a buffoon. As head of The Spinelli Group he is already campaigning for a federal Europe – and to demolish the nation-states of Europe. They have already published a draft new Federal Treaty of the EU!

This is why we must not be swayed by the promise of an In/Out referendum in 2017. Get Britain Out will continue to campaign for a referendum to be held before the next General Election in 2015. If the political establishment stubbornly refuses to give the Great British Public our say in our own destiny, it will be a grievous error. Yet at the moment it seems they are entrenched in their folly.

We must all ensure we send a huge message to the political classes in the EU elections in May. They will not profit by frustrating the will of the Great British Public to Get Britain Out of the EU.

Alan Murad
Acting Campaign Manager
Get Britain Out

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