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Since I last wrote to you, Get Britain Out has hit the front page of the Daily Express highlighting a report from the European Parliament which will open up UK borders to countries outside the EU. We exposed the report, as even looser border controls will encourage a fresh wave of immigration into Europe – and Britain, which will cause more trouble and make it harder for our one million young unemployed to find work.


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We are continuing to press for an In/Out referendum, to Get Britain Out of the EU. In an article for Conservative Home, I debunked the idea that we have any influence in the EU. We only have 8% of votes in the European Council and 73 MEPs out of a total 753, meaning we only have 9.6% of the vote in the European Parliament. Even if our 73 MEPs all voted the same way (and we know they won’t) it shows our limited influence and how powerless we are in protecting the Great British Public.

Consequently, we updated our Frequently Asked Questions page. Please have a look and use these arguments against those who peddle lies and myths to keep us in the EU.

The Police and Crime Commissioner elections have seen incredibly low turnouts. The public appetite for democracy is there, but the Great British Public have proved they want an In/Out referendum. Our appetite was never for Police and Crime Commissioners elections. Our article in The Commentator magazine explains more.

Do you have copies of Paddington Bear and the Famous Five? We uncovered an EU report seeking to ban these famous children’s books, just because they promote traditional gender roles. Clearly the EU Committee on Gender Equality isn’t best pleased (yes – such a body does exist!).

We will shortly have links to all our press coverage on our website, such as our quotes we blog about here, as well as links to popular posts exposing what is wrong about our current membership of the EU. Renegotiation will never be an option for us. We must continue to press the Prime Minister for an In/Out referendum enabling us to control our own borders, make our own laws, and spend our own money on what is best for The Great British Public.

Your continued support helps us spread the message. We must Get Britain Out of the EU.

Please tell your friends and family about us and feel free to forward this email to your contacts.

Best wishes,

Tim Aker
Campaign Manager

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