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Since we last wrote to you, our campaign has reached media far and wide. In the same week we got a whole page in the Midweek Sport, our campaign was profiled in Finland’s biggest selling newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (You can read it here and if you use Google Chrome browser, you can enable a rough translation). Our message reached the USA with my piece in Sharnoff’s Global View saying “We Must Get Britain Out of the EU”. Back home we have been raining on the Europhile parade. My article in The Commentator shows “the EU enthusiasts are getting desperate”.


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The game of political ping pong continues between David Cameron and Boris Johnson. When one mutters something on the EU, the other has a rhetorical flourish. Frankly, government policy on the EU is a mess. In the Daily Express we issued a demand to the Prime Minister: “Stop ‘Dithering’ on the EU and call an In/Out EU Referendum.”

Next Friday would have seen a debate in Parliament on Stewart Jackson MP’s Bill to repeal the EU Directive on free movement from British law. Unfortunately, it had been tabled on a day Parliament doesn’t sit! Please show your support for Stewart’s Bill by following him on Twitter. Additionally, UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew won a debate among Northern Ireland’s young farmers, crucially arguing that farmers do not need the EU. This shows our arguments are winning on all fronts and the EU-enthusiasts have little ammunition left. If we keep digging away at them, we will win.

A poll on the MoneySavingExpert website this week shows by a large majority that the British people do not want to be part of the EU. This poll, of over 14,000 people, is still available online here. Vote now, and show that you agree we must Get Britain Out of the EU.

The BBC website this week – yes, the BBC – profiled the Swiss success story outside the EU. Switzerland, with few natural resources and rough terrain, is a success, and has never been a member of the EU. It has less than 3% unemployment. It manages its own borders and can voluntarily enter into whatever agreements its people want. That’s the important aspect – control. More important than perhaps anything, Switzerland has sovereignty and by extension it is free.

One day we will reclaim the vital sense of freedom Switzerland has for ourselves.

With best wishes,

Tim Aker
Campaign Manager, Get Britain Out

P.S. I’d like to thank everyone who has donated to our campaign so far. With your donations we can spread our message even wider, reaching new audiences and gaining new supporters. Don’t forget to also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates.

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