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As we approach the New Year a retrospective is called for. The past year has been an incredible watershed moment for Euroscepticism. It began with David Cameron finally conceding to hold an In/Out referendum – but only if we re-elect the Conservative party at the next General Election in 2015 – and then his promise is we would still have to wait until 2017. The year is ending with the government in despair over the opening of our borders to Romania and Bulgaria. The issue burst into the mainstream as politicians realised that they can’t duck the question of EU membership anymore.



Yet we still have long way to go. The government is scrambling to appease the Great British Public over the upcoming influx of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria. Measures like benefit restrictions on EU migrants have been introduced, but such acts are largely symbolic. The public want the transitional controls to remain and free us from the EU’s freedom of movement rules. We want the government to defy Brussels and the EU. Of course there is no hope of this actually happening, which is why Get Britain Out will redouble our efforts to campaign for change in advance of the European Parliament elections in May. Time is precious, while our strained housing, infrastructure, and public services will face even more pressure in 2014.

This government’s efforts are too little, too late. Their hands are tied because of our membership of the EU. The only real solution is to regain proper control of our laws as well as our borders, and to do that we must leave the EU as soon as possible. We need an In/Out referendum before, not after, the next General Election.

At least the dogma that EU membership is beneficial to Britain is buried deep in a grave. A study by the Centre for Economic and Business Research forecast that Britain will surpass Germany as Europe’s biggest economy by 2030! The reasons given for the slow-down in Germany is the weak Euro and the prospect of more bailouts in the Eurozone, confirming what Get Britain Out firmly believes: the Euro and all it comes with is fatal to economic growth and prosperity.

It seems that everywhere in Europe people are challenging the old assumptions and those who rest on their backsides in Brussels know that more storms are gathering for 2014. In May next year, elections will be held for seats in the European Parliament. There is real concern among the EU’s political elite that there will be the biggest ever turnout of Eurosceptics in the short history of their parliament. 2014 may be the year that the peoples of Europe revolt against the unjust, undemocratic misrule of faceless officials and arrogant politicians in Brussels.

While the debate rages in Britain, ridiculous laws are still being manufactured in the political asylum of Brussels. Traditional Danish pastries are something to stock up on before regulations that effectively outlaw the pastry come into force because the pastry contains the mildly toxic cinnamon – a spice which we use in much of our home baking. Gregg’s the bakers have also been rapped over their Cornish pasties – because they contain carrots!

Meanwhile the European Commission, having already failed to get electronic cigarettes banished from shops and into pharmacies where they can exert more control. They still persist in their efforts to block the useful smoking-cessation aid, by reframing their policy as a ban on refillable e-cigarettes. The motive is clear: the Commission is in the pockets of the pharmaceutical corporations who want to maintain a monopoly in the market for their own, non-refillable and expensive products.

I am also excited to announce that Get Britain Out will start the New Year launching our new website – take a look at It’s a fresh design along with regularly updated additional information about our campaign. The Recommended Reading page has been expanded with a number of new books and pamphlets, accompanied by links to either buy online or download some publications for free. Let us know if you have more recommendations. There’s also a new Take Action page, explaining how you can help our campaign and on which we’ll be posting our new campaign leaflets for download. Our team monitor the press on a daily basis and will regularly update our new EU News page – so be sure to check back regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest developments.

Get Britain Out wishes all our friends and supporters a happy, prosperous and rebellious New Year. Cameron’s so-called Christmas message didn’t even mention the EU! So here’s to 2014 being the year Britain truly sets out on the path to renewed independence and a brighter, EU-free future!
Best wishes,

Alan Murad
Deputy Campaign Manager, Get Britain Out

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