Global Warming Lies Exposed

University of East Anglia Accused of Polluting Climate Information

University of East Anglia Accused of Polluting Climate Information

A hacker has gained access to servers at the University of East Anglia, a leading supplier of information to Global Warming propagandists.

The hacker has since begun to publish emails and reports copied from the servers, including emails disccussing how to suppress information that does not support the claims of Global Warmers.

Although computer hacking should never be condoned, this hacker may have done a great service to people around the World.

A growing number of people have come to suspect that propaganda information put out by the Global Warmers, and dim and/or greedy politicians who has accepted the wildest claims as proven fact, is neither settled science nor genuine information.

Reprehensible as it may be for a University research unit to engage in falsification and/or suppression of research data, the greatest crime is in the damage disclosure of these acts does for genuine scientists around the World who are engaging in reputable research.

It requires little knowledge, or any great intelligence, to realize that many of the claims peddled by Global Warmers are unlikely to be correct. In Britain a judge has formally accepted that Global Warming is a religious faith. That marks the point where Global Warmers became recognized as believers in superstitions and unsubstantiated claims, willing to convert, or exterminate, all those who do not agree with the beliefs of their religious cult.

Unfortunately, this condemns the findings of reputable research work and creates an equally dangerous disbelief in all warnings and calls for action.

The reality of carbon emissions is that 16 supertankers create more carbon emissions than all of the land vehicles used around the World. If we accept that carbon emissions must be reduced, attempts to increase taxes on motorists will not achieve any real benefits.

If we accept that waste material must be reduced through recycling, we ignore the reality that the majority of all landfill waste comes from unnecessary packaging that also increases transport costs and uses valuable raw materials. Taxing waste disposal is not about to improve the situation and makes it worse by encouraging public authorities to trade in waste material, selling it to other countries and moving the problem somewhere else.

If we accept the predictions of pollution increases over the next fifty years, creating a new industry of trading carbon futures will produce some very rich traders, but it will not reduce pollution.

If we accept claims for carbon emissions, waste production and depletion of natural resources, we must accept that the real driver is population growth. That growth is becoming stronger because we are able to reduce sickness in poorer countries and assist those threatened by natural disasters. The real issue to be addressed is world population growth. This is being ignored in favour of trivial issues because no one wants to face up to the reality that population growth can only be reduced by killing people and limiting the number of children that can be born – or stepping up development of space exploration.

The fraudsters at the University of East Anglia will not be the only academics suppressing or falsifying data and conclusions in support of the cult of Global Warming. In the short term, they are causing great hardship to millions of people, increasing the problems they claim to be reducing, and generating billions in new taxes, to be frittered away by spendthrift politicians. In the longer term, their efforts at propaganda will increase skepticism of all reports from scientists and lead to vital information and issues being overlooked as the public backlash against fraud hits at all scientists and not just the fraudsters.


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