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policeman and prisoner 5 Recycling Police – Tough on Pensioners

A 78 yr old pensioner has been threatened with a GB£1,000 fine by Recycling Police.

The terrible crime perpetrated by this pensioner was to put a cardboard orange juice container into the bin for cardboard. Of course he should have realized that it was the “wrong sort” of cardboard.

The pensioner said, ” I struggle every week to separate my rubbish but I try to abide by what I thought the rules were. I though the orange carton was made of cardboard so I put it in the sack for cardboard.”

A letter from ‘Rethinking Waste Officer’ ( or that may be ‘Thoughtless Waste of Space Officer’ ) Helen Ryder threatened the pensioner with prosecution under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, leading to a criminal record, a fine and/or imprisonment and a requirement to provide fingerprints and DNA samples to be stored in the Criminal Database.

Recycling Police are now getting into their stride in Britain and the Home Office is planning to release murderers, rapists and other sex offenders early to make space in the overcrowded prisons for these anti-social recycling criminals.

Uber Gruppen Fuhrer Ryder is employed by Liberal Democrat-controlled Burnley Council. Lib Dem Councillor Charles Bullas defended his Recycling Police and appeared to suggest that they were just joking.

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