Golden Opportunity – A Blow For Freedom


In one week’s time, Britons go to the polls to vote in Local Government and European elections.

This is a golden opportunity to start changing the corrupt British and European Parliaments and begin returning power from an arrogant and out-of-touch ruling elite to the people.

In other European Union Member States there are similar opportunities to strike a blow for freedom from a corrupt and totalitarian system of government.

This is a low risk opportunity that potentially offers great gains for the people.

A vote for the UK Independence Party, which has campaigned to clean up the European Parliament, would increase the power and confidence of that party to work within the European Parliament, without any adverse effect on politics in Britain.

The Franco German Axis of Arrogance has been forcing Europe into a United States of Europe where politicians will be even more insulated than they already are from the wishes of the people they theoretically serve. It is a model that features gigantic waste and where corruption is endemic.

Root and branch reform of this out-moded and discredited political structure offers Europeans the chance of freedom and security in a strong economic environment.

In Britain the UK Independence Party offers a unique opportunity because it has a full programme manifesto but has its focus on reform of, or secession from, a corrupt system of European Government. It may develop as a serious national party within Britain but its aim is to develop a vibrant European economic partnership of free Member States. As such, it does not threaten to split votes at national level that might result in the creation of an unstable coalition of Lib Dems and Brownite National Socialists at Westminster, with a continuation of the sleaze and corruption that has marked over a decade of the Blair Brown Regime.

Whichever party eventually forms the next British Parliament, it should have a priority of reforming the European Union that costs Britain GB£40 million a day and directs between 80 and 94% of all British legislation. Without that reform, emergence of Britain from Depression will be painfully slow and unnecessarily costly for generations to come.

Even if the UK Independence Party has no effective voice directly at Westminster, a strong voice in Europe will exert pressure on any British Government to face up to the task of either withdrawing from the European Union or reforming it. It should also create debate in Britain over the future of European co-operation. A feature of the European Union is that any debate that does not support the narrow views of the Franco German Axis has been suppressed or discouraged. The result is that voters through the European Union have become increasingly fearful about its development in an absence of reasoned and informed debate.

The Party List system of election to the European Parliament provides the opportunity for the UK Independence Party to win seats according to its percentage of votes. In the British Local Government elections the task is much harder because the first-past-the-post system of voting favours a major established and tainted party. The real answer for voters is to vote for candidates that offer the best local solution as individuals and not as Party ciphers. That may mean voting for UK Independence Party candidates or for independents with no party affiliation. It should be remembered that the days when British Local Government provided a reliable service to the people was when representatives were not career politicians looking for advancement within a political party ahead of serving the people. Many councillors were Independents. They worked in the interest of the people who voted and were accessible to those people.


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