Governments trying to get data from Angry Birds


Following the news that UK and US governments have been trying to get personal data from mobile applications like Angry Birds, Tony Dearsley, Computer Forensics Manager at Kroll Ontrack UK, commented: “Apps like Angry Birds, which are ostensibly free rely upon advertising revenue to exist. The advertising is typically targeted at the user by virtue of their online activities and profile gathered by the app supplier. There is risk inherent with many such ‘free’ apps and when you install them they ask/demand access to many areas such as contact list, network, internet and a plethora of other running services on the device. Most people answer yes to the prompts, not realising the level of information to which they have given access.


“Act with caution when installing Apps and granting permissions. Ask yourself would I give the information this app is asking for to a stranger in the street.”




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