Greece v Turkey


Greece demonstrates how the EUSSR brings peace, by speeding the Turkish EUSSR membership to increase the number of Islamists pouring into Europe. 75 million Turks would make their aerial incursions of Greek airspace look really trivial Another triumph for Junker and his cronies?

Greece v Turkey
by reevoguido

Greek PM @tsipras_eu deletes tweets criticizing Turkey for airspace violations #EUTurkey

— kostas rossoglou (@kostasrossoglou) November 29, 2015

Greek leader Alex Tsipras has had a dig at the Turkish Prime Minister over the downing of Russia’s jet in a series of hastily deleted tweets. It appears the Greek premier, leader of a country that routinely suffers violations of its airspace by Turkey, was not too impressed at the shooting down of a plane that was only in Turkish airspace for a mere 17 seconds. Who would have thought a socialist would be prone to such sabre rattling?

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