Half Time Score – Danish Police 240: Global Warmers 0

As the Global Warming fiasco in Copenhagen draws to a close, the half time score is 240 revolting Global Warmers arrested. Worse violence is expected over the weekend.

The Global Warmers summit, that has generated the carbon footprint of an African country, has suffered a series of setbacks.

The leaking of emails demonstrating the level of manipulation of data at the University of East Anglia started a long overdue process. Leading scientists came out to voice the deep concerns they had previously only expressed within peer groups about the very low level of science being employed by Global Warmers to whip up hysteria. Many said that they had been regularly mis-quoted and wanted to put the record straight.

Then it emerged that the British Met Office had also been highly selective in the way that it used a small percentage of weather station reports, suppressing all those that did not fit the claims of Global Warmers. This is the same weather forecasting agency that has managed to achieve less than statistical chance in its weather forecasts, apparently because it has switched to computer models used by Global Warming Fundamentalists.

Then “Bottler” Brown flew in (very large carbon footprint) for a photo opportunity, claiming to be leading the World to salvation. This was very bad news for Global Warmers because everything Brown touches turns to dust. It didn’t take him very long to lead failed US Presidential candidate Al Gore into the wrong room for a meeting – you just couldn’t make up black humour as good as this!!!

Al Gore was up to his usual tricks of hiding inconvenient facts and exercising masterly factual inexactitude – only to be promptly slapped down by a leading scientist who was not happy to be seriously mis-quoted by Gore.

Perhaps now the real debate on climate and the environment can begin.

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