Harry Reid isn’t worried. Here’s why.


If the Tea Party movement can’t educate and mobilize enough taxpayers this fall, Harry Reid and the rest of the liberal Democrats will run wild in Washington for the next two years.



And right now, it looks like that might happen.

Please, PLEASE make a generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford to our Make Harry Reid Cry $800,000 fall campaign fundraising drive.

This may be the most important fundraising drive in Tea Party history. We need to raise $800,000 by Monday to fund our massive fall grassroots campaign.

Harry Reid and his devious staffers are probably right this very minute monitoring our online fundraising counter.

They see that we are way short of our goal. Just click here and you can see it, too.

These liberals already despise the Tea Party. And based on how this Make Harry Reid Cry fundraising drive is going, they are probably high-fiving each other, too.

If we don’t get this massive effort back on track, we won’t have the money to fund our massive post-Labor Day grassroots campaign.

And Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and all the big government radicals in D.C. who are destroying America will win.

It’s just that simple.

Please, right now, make the very best donation you possibly can. We must raise this $800,000 by Monday to be prepared for this fall’s get-out-the-vote blitz.

If you’ve already given, we hope you’ll make one more small contribution. If you haven’t yet donated, we need your help now more than ever.

This is what is at stake:

Harry Reid and his allies desperately want to pass an amnesty bill. If we don’t rally voters this fall, they will ram it through during the “lame duck” session of Congress at the end of this year.

Senate liberals also want to spend more and hike taxes. If the Tea Party doesn’t take a stand they will go wild with next year’s budget.

Then there is the First Amendment. Harry Reid desperately wants to change it. He wants to stifle dissent and shut down our movement. If we don’t fight back this fall, he’s going to come after us hard.

Please make the very best donation you possibly can. Every penny of this fundraising drive will pay for phone banks, ads, door-to-door literature, yard signs, and rallies in this year’s key swing states.

But to execute this effort to the fullest, we must raise this $800,000 by Labor Day!

Right now, our Make Harry Reid Cry fall campaign fundraising drive is falling short of our goal. We need your help to get it back on track.

Please do what you can right now.

Thank you in advance for all your help. You are a true friend and patriot!

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Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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