Have you heard UKIP’s NHS plans?


Today in Rochester, UKIP’s Health Spokesman Louise Bours MEP announced our plans for Britain’s National Health Service. What’s clear today is that UKIP has taken a considered approach to our NHS, listening to doctors, nurses and, most importantly, patients, on the matters that affect them the most. We believe that UKIP now has the most credible, costed plans to bring our NHS back to its founding principles. I urge you to read more about it here, and if you like what you see – please SHARE it with your friends.




We have costed proposals for an investment of an extra £130million per year into dementia research, and a EXTRA £3billion into our NHS’s frontline services – without adding to the national debt.


We want to reduce middle management and provide 20,000 new nurses, 3000 midwives, and 8000 more GPs. We want to merge social care with health care to help those in need when they need it most. We want to end hospital car parking charges. We want to establish local, accountable NHS health boards. And we want a return of the State Enrolled Nurse, because we believe medical professionals can learn best on hospital wards, not just in lecture theatres.

But for all this and more to happen, we need UKIP MPs in the House of Commons. And we can’t do this without YOUR support Ian.

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You can click here to read the full speech by our Health Spokesman Louise Bours MEP.

UKIP believes in our NHS. That is why we have a credible plan to help it back on its feet.

Ian, if you believe in Britain, if you believe in our NHS, then come with us on this journey. Consider making a donation today, because together, we can do great things.


Yours Sincerely,

Nigel Farage

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