Help get Big Ben chiming to celebrate independence



Yesterday, Boris Johnson called on Brexiteers to help see in the nation’s new era with pride and panache by reactivating Big Ben in time for British independence at the end of the month.

Boris’s intervention follows weeks of campaigning in the House of Commons by Brexiteer Mark Francois for the capital to finally celebrate our forthcoming independence and stop scorning it.
Click here to donate to the Big Ben Brexit Bong fund
I am totally behind the initiative, and like Francois, I don’t intend to let the suspiciously large £500,000 price tag block us from getting the world’s most famous bell tower tuned up for the big occasion.

With that in mind, as we approach this watershed moment in our great nation’s history, I urge you to click this link and contribute to the Big Ben crowdfunder. Every donation no matter how small gets us nearer to that target.

Kind regards,
Arron Banks, Leave.EU Chairman