Help get Hammond and Rudd deselected

Quislings Hammond and Dudd












We are calling upon you to participate in our campaign to get Chancellor Philip Hammond and his partner in crime, Home Secretary Amber Rudd deslected.

 A fifth column of Remain MPs in the cabinet and the wider Parliamentary Conservative Party led by Hammond are exploiting the opportunity presented by the catastrophic general election to halt Brexit.

The stature of Hammond’s office of state, inferior only to the enfeebled Prime Minister’s, offers him an unacceptably influential platform to spin his strategy, all in the name of the economy and British business.

We have only recently reached the anniversary of the referendum, when 17.4 million patriotic Brits voted to leave the European Union, establishing the biggest ever democratic mandate from the British people, but the mass media portray a different story:

The referendum is already ancient history, Britain has not in fact escaped the economic Armageddon predicted by George Osborne and his allies in the global elite, it has been merely delayed, while Europe under the stewardship of Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel restore the continent to post-war prosperity.

Nonsense, employment, salaries, exports and growth in the UK are all up while Macron’s popularity plummets amid a tepid increase in Eurozone output following decade-long stagnation. Indeed, last week marked the ten year anniversary of the first rumblings of the financial crisis. Incredibly, the commentariat have taken to nostalgically pining after leaders of the pedigree of Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown, the very men who deregulated British finance to near oblivion before heaping loads of extra debt onto the public balance sheet.

‘Spreadsheet Phil’ was able to forge a reputation for common sense during a decade that was to cherish anonymity over the bling bling of bliar Blair. He’s now cashing in his chips to derail the public will, he cannot be allowed to succeed.

Leave.EU is putting into action what will become a people-led campaign in Hammond’s seat of Runnymede & Weybridge to have him deselected alongside Amber Rudd in her constituency of Hastings and Rye.

We encourage constituents in these two areas who traditionally vote Conservative to join the Party and set in motion a deselection process in the name of British independence – see details at the bottom of this newsletter.

Leave.EU is a cross-party campaign and is therefore looking to hand over the reigns at the earliest opportunity. Please get in touch if you are (or are soon to be) a local party member and wish to help with coordination or simply volunteer in some capacity or other.

If you live in either of these areas, you will soon be receiving a letter from Leave.EU’s Chairman, Arron Banks, making the case for these deselections along with precise instructions on how to turn the Party machine against two of its most recognisably Establishment figures at the grassroots level.

Brexiteers from elsewhere in the country can help out by donating to the fundraiser we’ve set up. Your participation is vital. After all, this is not about two Tory strongholds in the South of England, but a cause we all hold dear, a true Brexit.

In economic news: Even Remoaner Bank of England governor Mark Carney admitted that the City could thrive after Brexit as Swiss private bank Julius Baer became the latest financial services group to back the UK by expanding operations in Brexit Britain. New research also highlighted the strong growth of the tech sector following our vote to leave the EU while a survey from the Bank of England showed how the new value of sterling has reoriented the UK economy away from dependence on consumer spending. Meanwhile, starting salaries were found to be on the rise as firms continue to step up recruitment and the International Trade department moves to enhance trade ties with Asian economies.

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team

Instructions for Conservatives

in Runnymede & Weybridge and Hastings & Rye

You have the ability to deselect your local MP at the next election by joining the local Conservative party and tabling a motion of no confidence at a Special General Meeting. Such an action was used successfully in 1997 – the same year Philip Hammond secured his parliamentary seat.

You should only join the local association if you vote Conservative and want your voice to be heard by the National Conservative Party.

Step 1: Join your local Conservative party

Depending on where you live, visit the Runnymede and Weybridge Conservatives or the Hastings and Rye Conservatives sign up page

Step 2: Call for a Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting can be arranged if it is backed by a petition signed by more than 50 members of the local party or 10% of the previous year’s total membership. The petition must be sent to the local Conservative association and addressed to the Secretary of the Executive Council of the association, requesting that an SGM be convened.

Step 3: Table a motion of no confidence

A motion of no confidence can then be tabled by any member at the Special General Meeting, triggering a vote among local members.

Step 4: Contact Leave.EU so that we can smoothly transition the initiative over to party members.  

Email: (please enter ‘Deselect Hammond’ in the subject)
Tel: 0800 999 4210
Address: Leave.EU, 2nd Floor, Lysander House, Bristol, BS10 7TQ

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