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While the politicians in Washington are still dithering and trying to blame each other for the economic mess we are in, here at Tea Party Patriots we are working overtime to implement our four point action plan.


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However, I need your help.

Will you please join Tea Party Patriots’ First Brigade by agreeing to make a small contribution each month? Your donations will help us implement our Tea Party Action plan that will put our movement and all our local affiliate organizations back on the offensive against the Obama agenda.

By agreeing to make just a small automatic monthly gift – say $5, $10 or $15 – you can help us more easily set our budget and allocate resources across the country for this massive effort.
Here’s the plan:

1) We continue to educate and work with the new Tea Party-friendly Members of Congress. We held an incredible orientation session with these new legislators in November. They are fired up! Our goal is to work hand in hand with these insurgents to make sure the Republicans stand up and fight for what is right.

2) We are going to begin to build our ground game for the 2014 and 2016 election cycles. The DC consultant class is intent on sucking up all of the money just to run ineffective and negative campaign ads rather than supporting the grassroots initiatives that allow conservative Americans to be elected to office.

3) We need show America that there is a way out. We’ve already begun a twelve day long campaign to highlight various solutions to fixing our fiscal mess. However, we must promote across the country great ideas like the “Penny Plan” which balances the budget in six years simply by cutting one penny from every hundred dollars the federal government spends each year.

4) We are going to redouble our effort to grow the grassroots. The Tea Party movement is made up of thousands of local organizations run by volunteers. We need to support these citizen-activists with more grassroots training, more policy briefings and more online tools to help them lobby their local congressmen and senators.

Please join the First Brigade and help us implement this plan.

Everyone here is sick and tired of waiting on the politicians to “do something” about government spending and the debt.

And I’m sure you are too.

That’s why we developed this comprehensive plan. If the politicians won’t act like adults and fix this mess, we’ll build the Tea Party movement and take our case directly to the American people!

However, to do that I need as many good friends like you as possible to join the First Brigade program.

You see, this four point action plan is a long-term effort designed to educate, recruit and mobilize the American people like never before. We want to reach out to every community from Alaska to Florida and push back against Obama’s big-government agenda.

But it will be very, very expensive. That’s why our First Brigade donors will be so very important in this effort.

The First Brigade will hopefully provide a steady stream of income that we can rely on to pay for the rallies, training sessions, ads, and press conferences we will need.

Instead of merely operating day-to-day hoping that enough donations come in to pay our bills, the First Brigade will let us plan ahead.

Please join the First Brigade.

No matter how much you can afford to give each month, it is much more helpful for you give small donations each month than wait until later this year for one large contribution.

Please do what you can. I am counting on you to join the fight and help us get this action plan off the ground.

Thank you advance for all your help!

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Jenny Beth Martin,
Co-Founder and National Coordinator

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