Help stop Tea Party hater Bruce Braley


Can I count on you to help me deny Barack Obama and Harry Reid the ability to spend the next two years filling the federal judiciary with left-wing judges, with no one to stop them?

Because that’s what is at stake in the battle for control of the U.S. Senate in the November elections.

A brand new platoon of Tea Party volunteers will be rushing to Iowa shortly to do battle with Tea Party-hating liberal Bruce Braley.

Bruce Braley is one of the politicians who wrote to the IRS in 2012 and demanded that they “investigate” the Tea Party. We MUST beat this man. He cannot be allowed to become a U.S. Senator.

Will you please make a generous contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100, $200, or more to help us pay for the campaign literature and phone banks our grassroots Iowa volunteers need this fall?

You see, the Republican Party establishment is running way short on money. They just issued a nation-wide alert begging grassroots conservatives to help them cover their budget goals for this election cycle.

They spent huge sums bashing Tea Party challengers last spring instead of preparing for the general election.

And now, left wing extremists like Bruce Braley are using their massive financial advantage to pummel their opponents.

Bruce Braley was running behind Republican Joni Ernst, but now, according to most polls, he has tied this race. If we don’t act now, this Tea Party hating liberal will become a U.S. Senator!

Please donate whatever you can right away. Our Iowa volunteer team can help turn things around, but only if we are able to pay for the materials and phone banks they need.

The sad fact is the D.C. Republicans are about to blow this Senate race. They are being massively out-spent by the left.

They are about to throw away yet another Senate seat because of their incompetence and arrogance.

It’s bad enough that we could lose the chance to pick up a Senate seat because the GOP wasted all its money fighting conservatives across the country.

But the thought of Bruce Braley being “promoted” to the position of Senator makes me sick.

That’s why we are dispatching this special team of trained grassroots organizers to Iowa. Their mission is to go toe-to-toe with the armies of leftists that are supporting Braley.

The GOP establishment knows they need to win this seat to take back the Senate. And more importantly, they know they need our grassroots muscle to level the playing field in Iowa and win this race.

Please help us save this race and beat this liberal with a generous gift right now.

Right now Republican Joni Ernst is tied with Braley in most polls. That means our grassroots team can truly make a huge impact on this race.

But only if they have the materials and support they need to get the job done!

Please make the very best gift you possibly can right now. This is an emergency.

These volunteers will do what the Republican Party apparently can’t afford – or doesn’t know how – to do.

They will direct our door-to-door campaign efforts and help turn out the vote on Election Day.

They are completely dedicated to defeating Bruce Braley and helping win control over the Senate. They are prepared to visit every farm, every business, and every household in Iowa if need be.

I’ve never seen such dedication!

And all they ask for in return is that the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund provide them with the logistical support and campaign materials they need.

Please give what you can right now.

This truly is a rescue mission. If we leave this race in the hands of the GOP establishment, Joni Ernst will lose this race, and we will not take the Senate.

And that means Barack Obama and Harry Reid will spend the next two years filling the federal judiciary with left-wing judges, with no one to stop them!

Our Iowa grassroots team can help turn things around.

But ONLY if they have all the materials and support they need.

Please, do what you can. Our Iowa grassroots team is counting on you!

Thank you in advance for your support.

Donate Now!

For freedom,

Jenny Beth Martin

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