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If we are going to finally get rid of Lindsey Graham and elect a Tea Party Senator in South Carolina, the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund needs to raise $25,000 by this Friday.


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Please make a generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford today to help pay for phase one of this critical campaign.

You see, we are embarking on a very comprehensive candidate interviewing and election analysis effort involving this seat.

We need to be sure we have a good, solid, reliable conservative who can beat Lindsey Graham in the primary. And we need to be sure we can recruit enough votes in that election to overcome a wave of Obama Democrats who will be turning out to save Lindsey in the GOP primary.

We are, in effect, doing what a real political party is supposed to do. Recruiting a candidate who will help advance our conservative policy goals and building a serious campaign plan to get him or her elected!

Please make the best donation you can right away. My team says they desperately need this $25,000 by Friday in order to keep the Retire Lindsey Graham Campaign on track.

Remember, if we are going to finally send this career politician packing, we are going to have to beat the combined might of the entire Republican Party establishment and the Obama campaign machine.

That’s why we need to get to work right now.

You see, Lindsey Graham has amassed an incredible campaign war chest. The National Republican Senatorial Committee will back him 100% in any primary fight.

And because South Carolina is an “open primary” state, that means left-wing Democrats can vote in the Republican primary as well!

I fully expect Barack Obama will turn out tens of thousands of liberal voters to help try to save Lindsey Graham in the primary. In return, I’m sure Lindsey will be happy to keep voting for Mr. Obama’s left-wing agenda.

It’s a sick political game. But it’s one we have to deal with if “We the People” are going to take our country back.

That’s why we must get started immediately preparing for this race. And why we absolutely MUST raise this $25,000 by Friday.

Please, give what you can. And ask anyone you know who wants to replace Lindsey Graham with a good conservative to do the same.

As I mentioned before, we are starting to interview potential candidates. We are planning to look into their backgrounds and test them on the issues.

Whoever runs against Lindsey Graham must be ready, willing and able to survive a real political brawl.

And we need to be prepared to spend whatever it takes, on everything from TV ads to grassroots rallies to make sure that candidate has the means to win.

Please make the most generous contribution you can right away.

Lindsey has been one of the nastiest and most vocal opponents of the Tea Party and conservatives in general. He believes in big government, backroom deals, and lifetime tenure in public office.

He believes the Senate seat in South Carolina is HIS, and that he shouldn’t ever have to listen to his constituents.

This man needs to go. He and all the other big government “Republicans” are ruining this country.

It’s time to take a stand.

Once again, please donate whatever you can. We must raise this $25,000 by Friday in order to get our candidate interviewing and election analysis effort off the ground.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

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Jenny Beth Martin

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