Help the Tea Party in the key states


Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund-affiliated grassroots groups have been recruiting and training for months.

Now it is time for them to take the fight to the liberals in the key states that will decide who controls the U.S. Senate.

Will you please make a generous contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100, $200, or more to help us support the thousands of grassroots volunteers who are preparing to blitz neighborhoods to make the difference and defeat big government senate candidates?

These local groups need campaign literature, issue flyers, paid phone banks, voter mailings, and more to supplement the hard, sweaty work of campaigning door-to-door.

These volunteers are true Tea Party conservatives who will use their vacation time or take time away from their families in order to campaign against President Obama’s agenda of debt and economic decay.

Grassroots conservatives in states like Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alaska, and Colorado are the key to winning control over the U.S. Senate.

They are wound up like a spring, ready to explode into grassroots action this fall. But they need your help.

Just click here to make the very best donation you can.

I’m personally in awe at how many ordinary Americans from all walks of life are volunteering to take matters into their own hands this fall.

Mothers, retirees, students, truck drivers, business owners, construction workers – they are all taking a stand!

And we must stand with them.

Please make the very most generous donation you can right now to help pay for this massive and historic grassroots effort.

The Tea Party isn’t a political party. Each of our hundreds of local affiliates is an independent group dedicated to standing up to the big-spending politicians.

The Tea Party movement is truly unique in American history.

It is a national grassroots movement of Americans who are taking matters into their own hands because politicians in both political parties have failed us.

We are fighting to save America, plain and simple.

And right now, control over the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance.

Please give what you can right now.

At the end of the day, this year’s campaigns won’t be won with TV ads or radio spots.

They will be won by neighbors talking to neighbors on behalf of our true Tea Party conservative candidates.

Tea Party volunteers need to explain exactly how we got into this mess and how, by following the U.S. Constitution and cutting our bloated federal government, “We the People” can get us out.

It’ll be a 100% grassroots campaign for freedom!

Unfortunately though, none of these hundreds of local groups have much campaign funding on hand. They don’t have fancy offices. They don’t have paid staff.

They rely exclusively on volunteers working out of their homes. This fall they will have hand-made signs littering their living rooms and precinct walk sheets spread across their kitchen tables.

That’s where the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund comes in. We have to provide the additional financial “muscle” these local groups need, as well as the polling, research, and materials that will help them make the difference between victory and defeat.

So, I’m turning to you. Will you please make the most generous contribution you possibly can to the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund right away?

100% of your gift will go to providing local Tea Party groups in key battleground states with all the materials and support they need in the weeks leading up to this year’s elections.

Please do what you can.

Please help the Tea Party volunteers make history!

Donate Now!

For freedom,

Jenny Beth Martin

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