Help us get the Repeal Bill through Parliament

When Parliament returns MPs will be voting on the government’s Repeal Bill. The Repeal Bill is vital as it begins the process of taking back control.

There are many opposed to the result of last year’s referendum. They want to overturn the result and to keep us in the EU.  They know they can’t do this in the open so they are going behind our backs and trying to keep Britain in the Single Market and the Customs Union by delaying and frustrating the Repeal Bill.

We need to show our politicians that we expect them to respect the result of the referendum.

The battle starts with the Repeal Bill.  The Bill will take a long time to get through the House of Commons and House of Lords.  At every stage pro EU campaigners and their supporters in Parliament will fight to frustrate the process and weaken our resolve.

The debate on the Repeal Bill starts next week and it is vital we apply pressure now.

What you can do:

1. Email your MP.  If you have not done so already, please click the link HERE to go to our website and in just a few clicks send an email to your MP.  Thank you if you are one of the thousands who have done this already.

2. Get others involved.  If you know friends and family share your commitment to Brexit and would want to help, please forward this email to them and ask them to email their MP too.

3. Write to your local newspaper.  Below is a draft letter you can use as a starting point.

4. Start a local petition.  There is a form on our website that you can download HERE.  Print off the form which includes a message from me and take it round to family and friends or set up a street stall and ask people to sign up.

If we act now we can show the EU lobby and our politicians that we want them to get on with it and to take back control from Brussels.

We are part of 17.5 million who expect to be heard.  By acting together we can make this happen and build a better future for Britain outside the EU.

Thank you for your support and please act now.

Together we can take back control!


Gisela Stuart, Chair, Change Britain

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