Help us, Republicans are going squishy on gun rights

The time is now to push back against “red flag” laws. The Republicans are desperate to “do something” because of pressure from the media and Democrats. Your constitutional rights are at risk, yet again, and we can’t wait until a bill is on its way to President Trump to speak up.

For ten years we have stood tall with you to fight for our rights, and we need your help again to make sure Republicans and President Trump know that we the people reject any efforts to deprive innocent Americans of their God-given, constitutionally-protected right to bear arms.


We must push back against this infringement and the pushback must be massive, unified, and public. We need your help to: educate our fellow Americans about why these laws are wrong and based on other flawed laws that deprive Americans of due process and the presumption of innocence,1 why they won’t solve the problem,2 and how there are already laws that are ignored that could have prevented some of the recent mass shootings.

The left only has to succeed one time in their effort to take away our guns, and right now, Republicans are scared, so we need to give them their backbone. Tea Party Patriots can only do this with your help.


Together we can defend our rights and find real solutions to the problem.

For liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin