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Tea Party Patriots Action is working on our plans for the next two and four years

Please help tell us how Tea Party Patriots Action can better reach our goals, how you would suggest we approach election integrity, how can we better stand against the unconstitutional, un-American legislation that is sure to come out of Congress in the next 100+ days.


We are not giving up, and we are not giving in. We see how the radical left is trying to take advantage of the current unstable environment to press their agenda forward. We oppose their efforts to impeach President Trump. We oppose their efforts to silence and remove Members of Congress who used the Constitution and the law to make known their concerns over election integrity. We oppose Big Tech’s determination to silence conservative voices.


There are still things we can do peacefully within the system. We are working on an action plan for the next two years. These plans will include work to ensure the integrity of future elections, training future leaders so we can be wiser and more effective, and educating Americans on the harms of socialism and the radical left’s socialist agenda. Before finalizing such a plan, we want to hear from you.


Would you please take a few minutes to fill out this form?


Tell us how you would like to see us regroup, what lessons we can learn to improve, and what ideas you have for how we can continue to work within the Constitutional and legal framework to achieve our goals. (PLEASE NOTE: If you replied to our email last week, you do not have to fill this form out unless you have additional comments.)


We will use this form to assess your immediate needs as activists. Additionally, we will use the form to assess what additional needs and direction you foresee in the coming weeks and months regarding technology, local group support, training, nationally coordinated days of action, what issues to pursue including, actions to ensure our elections are secure, etc.


Thank you in advance for taking the time to give us this feedback.


Jenny Beth Martin & the TPPA Support Team