Here’s how we can wipe out socialism in our schools

Socialism is infiltrating our school system nationwide and our children are being influenced to adopt radical beliefs that could destroy our culture and our Republic.

Fortunately, I believe there is a solution that could help turn the tide, educate our country’s youth against the dangers of socialism, and teach young people about the ideas of liberty.

My personal friend Connor Boyack is the author of the Tuttle Twins, a series of children’s books teaching kids about free markets, private property rights, the Constitution, and the ideas of our Founding Fathers. He is on a mission to distribute an additional 100,000 copies of the books into the hands of homeschool families, public schools, and libraries.

Connor helped me get elected back in 2010. Since then, he founded the Libertas Institute, a free market think tank headquartered in our home state, Utah. Connor was inspired to write the Tuttle Twins series when he was unable to find a way to teach his own kids about the ideas of freedom.

So far, Connor has distributed over 1.5 million copies of the Tuttle Twins to families and children across the country. Connor is leading the fight against socialist indoctrination in our schools creating a new generation of young people who love the ideas of liberty and our country. 

Here is how Connor and the Libertas Institute plan to distribute 100,000 new copies of the Tuttle Twins:

  1. Homeschool children and parents actively teaching their kids about the ideas of freedom and U.S. history will receive copies for education at home.
  2. The Libertas Institute then plans to place tens of thousands of copies in public schools and libraries to give kids an alternative to the dangerous ideas of socialism.
  3. In order to do this, we must raise funds to print and distribute these books. It costs roughly $10 to produce and ship each book.
The reality is neither Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, nor myself can defeat socialism alone… we need a new generation of young conservatives willing to stand up for the Constitution and our freedoms.

You and I can help save the younger generation from socialism by supplying these children and their families the Tuttle Twins books!

I spoke with Connor Boyack, the President of the Libertas Institute and author of the books, and gave him my word I would help him raise $20,000 to fund distribution of the Tuttle Twins books to homeschool children, parents, and kids in public schools. Please consider donating the most generous amount you can to help put a Tuttle Twins book in the hands of a young child

*PLEASE NOTE: All online donations are being matched by one of the Libertas Institute’s biggest supporters, John Pestana. This means your donation is DOUBLED! If you donate $100, John Pestana will personally match it with another $100 gift.*
The best part about the Tuttle Twins? Kids actually enjoy reading them.

Parents aren’t forcing their kids to read them. They are written for children to enjoy and learn at the same time.

This is the most promising path to save our kids from indoctrination and the dangers of socialism. You and I can create a new generation of young conservatives to preserve our Republic. 

As I said, Connor is a great friend of mine and I believe in what he is doing. The Libertas Institute and the Tuttle Twins are transforming this country and one our most promising ways to fight back against socialism in schools.

Please help me raise $20,000 in the next 48 hours by clicking here to make a donation and distribute copies of the Tuttle Twins to thousands of kids across the country! 

Friend, I suspect you get a dozen emails asking you to donate every week.

This is much different.

This isn’t for some campaign or candidate that needs money.

This is a cause I am passionate about and believe can reverse the influence of socialism in our society. We just need to distribute these books and begin teaching our nation’s youth about the ideas of freedom and U.S. history.

It seems like you love our country, the ideas of liberty, and the Constitution as much as I do.

Which is why I am emailing you.

Please consider making the most generous donation you can and help me restore our Republic.

Please consider this a personal and urgent request from me.

Here is the link to donate again.

Senator Mike Lee

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