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We hope you have been well this summer, and that you’re ready for an exciting fall! We wanted to take a few minutes to fill you in on what’s happening at Tea Party Patriots, and how we plan to make this movement bigger and stronger than ever before.

After five years of tireless work, Tea Party Patriots is stronger and more effective than ever, thanks in no small part to you, our generous supporters. Whether you have attended rallies, volunteered to help get out the vote, made phone calls, waved signs, given money, or any of a million other things to help the cause, we want to start by thanking you for your dedicated support of Tea Party Patriots’ ongoing work to promote personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future.

The Tea Party movement is a movement like no other in American history. Never before have so many Americans rallied so organically, organized so efficiently, or mobilized so effectively to defend the principles of our nation’s founding.

And Tea Party Patriots has been there since the start – assisting, training, resourcing, and organizing the powerful grassroots initiatives that have helped us hold the line against the big government establishment. We are proud of that fact, and we aim to be around for many years to come.

It is for that reason that we are always seeking new opportunities to improve our fiscal sustainability and efficiency as an organization. The fight against big government is by no means cheap, and Tea Party Patriots is and always has been entirely reliant on the generosity of patriots like you to fuel the engine of grassroots activism.

For five and a half years, you have responded generously to calls for funding. You have answered our requests for help with special projects. You have risen again and again to the challenge of raising millions of dollars to fight the big government establishment.

We can’t thank you enough. Your generosity has made it possible for grassroots activists across America to make a huge difference in their communities.

And it is for exactly that reason that we want to tell you about a few changes you’re going to start seeing over the next few weeks.

In order to improve our efficiency and effectiveness as an organization, Tea Party Patriots is always seeking new ways to increase revenue and minimize costs. The current economic climate has taken its toll on donations. The never-ending rise of inflation continues to make our work more expensive and the interference of the IRS and other politically-opposed forces has only served to encumber our staff with more and more red tape.

To continue along this path without seeking supplemental sources of revenue would not be fair to you, our supporters. We owe it to the members of this movement to do all we can to streamline our finances and direct as much funding as possible toward our work on the ground for liberty. In addition, being a movement centered around fiscal responsibility, it is incumbent upon us to do all we can to responsibly steward the donations that you entrust to us.

So, beginning in a few days, Tea Party Patriots will allow third-party entities to send emails to our list in exchange for a fee. What does this mean for you as a member of our email list? Very little.

1. Your email address WILL NOT be sold to these third-party entities.

2. None of your information will be shared or exchanged with anyone.

3. The emails will still be deployed by our team in house, so no one outside of Tea Party Patriots will have access to your information.

4. You’ll begin seeing emails once or twice per week from various paid sponsors who have chosen to support us financially.

That’s it.

But, for the future of Tea Party Patriots, this is a big deal. What does this new stream of revenue mean for Tea Party Patriots?

1. We will be able to direct even more of our donors’ dollars to grassroots programs than we already do.

2. Projected revenue from email sponsorships could range anywhere from $500K to more than $1 million per year.

3. The costs associated with generating this additional revenue are minimal, meaning our revenue will increase substantially more than our costs.

Our finance team has determined that this will make a huge dent in the organization’s overhead costs, which means that we can worry less about keeping the organization’s bills paid and focus more on promoting our core values across America.

So, we want to ask you to do one thing: stay engaged. By simply staying subscribed to this email list and continuing to open emails from Tea Party Patriots, you will help us maintain the value of our email list and keep this funding source open. If you would prefer to opt out of third-party emails while continuing to receive emails from Tea Party Patriots, please click here.

Once again, thank you so much for your continued devotion to the cause of liberty. Tea Party Patriots – and the Tea Party movement as a whole – are strong because we have millions of Americans alongside us. With your continued support, we can – and we WILL – take America back!




Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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