Hillary Clinton tries to insult President Trump … and fails miserably

Hillary Clinton and other Democratic leaders tweeted a White House photo to mock President Trump. But that photo is from the Obama Administration.

A viral image shared by Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats that implied President Trump made an unusual move by turning off all the lights in the White House amid protests over the death of George Floyd is an edited image from 2015, according to an Associated Press fact check. ‘Elections matter,’ Clinton said in a Monday tweet. The tweet showed the White House illuminated in rainbow colors after a 2015 Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage alongside an image of the White House with no exterior lights on.” (Washington Examiner)

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The Democrats are shamefully using America’s crisis of looting and riots this week to attack and try to diminish President Trump … while many local Democratic leaders don’t seem able to stop the violence and won’t make the distinction between peaceful protestors’ cause — and the Antifa radicals who have taken over and attacked American cities.


And yesterday, Hillary Clinton and other leaders on the left tweeted a White House photo intended to mock President Trump. In the photo, the White House lights are turned off, ostensibly in the midst of serious riots in Washington, D.C. and near the White House gates.


But as fact-checkers discovered, that photo is from 2015, during the Obama Administration. Naturally, Clinton has not deleted her tweet.

Joe Biden officially kicked off the 2020 general election today with a campaign speech in Philadelphia.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden plans to rip President Trump during a speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday, accusing the president of wrongly using military personnel to scatter protesters so that he could ‘stage a photo op at a noble church.'” (The Hill)

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Coronavirus had kept Joe Biden off the campaign trail and in the basement of his home, as even Democratic strategists noted was a big problem. Things are different now.


Yesterday, Joe Biden held his first in-person campaign event in Delaware and today, he spoke at a podium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with five American flags behind him.


Biden promised to unite and heal America in its time of crisis, positioning himself as a moderate who would reach across the political aisle. But since he entered the Democratic primary, Biden has moved steadily left — and he’s now far left of most Americans, as is his party.


And he devoted a significant part of his speech to insulting President Trump, too.


The media will provide cover for Biden as long as they can; but as the American people learn more about his radical plans for the economy, education, and the environment, they’ll see the difference between what he says and what he promises to do when elected.

It’s Super Tuesday in June — and Joe Biden may finally(!) secure enough delegates to unquestionably be the nominee.

Former Vice President Joe Biden could clinch the Democratic presidential nomination as early as this Tuesday, if Washington, D.C., goes ahead with its Democratic primary. Eight states will hold their primaries on Tuesday, June 2nd, many of them make-up primaries, for elections that would have been held during late March, April, or May, but were canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Washington, D.C., had its primary scheduled for June 2nd, and the vote will go ahead as planned.” (Daily Wire)

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Today eight states will vote in primaries, most rescheduled due to the coronavirus outbreak this spring. The most important updates will be “down the ballot,” i.e. in races below the presidential nominating contest. (Here’s a good review of what’s at stake from Roll Call.)


For Joe Biden, it could finally be the day that his campaign garners enough pledged delegates to win outright on the first ballot at the Democratic National Convention.


As readers of The Vote like you understand — though most people don’t! — it takes 1,991 pledged delegates to win on the first ballot at the Democratic convention. Joe Biden is still at 1,556 to Sanders’ 1,007.


As long as Biden is below that 1,991 delegate threshold, there’s the possibility for a fight on the convention floor during the first ballot, with Biden being denied the nomination outright.


But that dynamic may change today and, depending on the delegate lead Biden picks up, it may reduce some of the bargaining power that Sanders and the extreme left has enjoyed.

John Hickenlooper — erstwhile 2020 Democratic primary candidate — now faces an ethics hearing for private jet travel and more.

“Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission (IEC) voted unanimously Monday to subpoena former Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colorado) to testify at a remote hearing on Thursday. The former governor faces an ethics probe over whether accepting private jet travel from wealthy supporters constituted illegal gifts. Hickenlooper has denied that accepting the flights broke the law.” (9News)

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It seems that John Hickenlooper will have to testify on Thursday in an ethics hearing that covers, among other items, “private jets, meals and car travel provided by a conference in Italy.”


Hickenlooper and his lawyers have tried to delay the hearing to August, which is after his primary for the US Senate. (He dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary in 2019, but got back into campaigning — albeit for a lower office.)


But they say it’s because “video glitches” may make it impossible for the hearing to happen fairly. Perhaps they’ve been watching the Biden campaign too closely…