House Democrats On The Hunt For Higher Pay

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House Democrats On The Hunt For Higher Pay

With an already $174,000 annual salary, House Democrats are suggesting that they need a pay raise. This raise would comprise an extra $4,500 per year of taxpayer dollars, beginning in January.

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News the liberal media doesn’t want you to see


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Thanks and Gratitude on D-Day

We lived in Belgium in the late 1960s while my father researched for his dissertation. I was too young to remember, but my mother told me that, while traveling in France, we were greeted by a standing ovation at a restaurant because we were Americans and American troops had freed their city from Nazi control a few decades before.

Alec Baldwin & His Hateful Trump Impersonation Are Out at ‘SNL’

There’s only so long that normal people can maintain such a high level of hatred. It ends up eating them alive from the inside out.

Vox’s Carlos Maza Whines About Ted Cruz Defending Steven Crowder. Cruz Buries Him.