How to defend the Constitution

During recent events in politics, I’ve seen a recurring theme from the Progressive movement. The Left insists that the government designed by our Founding Fathers, as expressed in the Constitution, is flawed and outdated.

How should defenders of the Constitution respond to such charges?

Well, a few early defenders of the Constitution–Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison–have given us the guide: The Federalist Papers. Written between October 1787 and August 1788 under the pen name Publius, The Federalist Papers were originally published as newspaper editorials intended to explain the merits of the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson described The Federalist Papers as “the best commentary on the principles of government which ever was written.”

There is no better aid to understanding the principles of liberty underlying our Constitution than the words of the Founders themselves. That’s why I’d like to send you our full, 10-lesson course, “The Federalist Papers,” on DVD today with a donation of $100 or more to Hillsdale College.

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