How valuable are your 1st Amendment rights?

The 1st Amendment is under assault, but the onslaught didn’t just start yesterday – it’s been systematically attacked and undermined in a serious manner for at least the last ten years. And every time, Tea Party Patriots Action has been there to defend your 1st Amendment rights, and to push back against the anti-free speech war being waged by progressives.

I’m asking you today to help us continue our work to bolster and uphold the 1st Amendment for all Americans, not just those with the politically correct viewpoints. For just $10 a month, you can give activists across the country the tools and training they need to fight for your right to practice your religion, to speak freely, to publish opinions and news, to assemble peacefully, and to criticize your government.



Whether the issue is the Obama administration’s targeting and harassment of tea party groups through the IRS, or its spying on and threatening journalists, or progressives attacking and assaulting Trump supporters as they peacefully go about their days, or defending religious freedom and free speech on college campuses, or defending the rights of high school kids to express their support for the 2nd Amendment, or big tech companies trying to silence conservatives, or House Democrats trying to criminalize and oppress speech through their so-called “Equality Act” and H.R. 1 – Tea Party Patriots Action will always stand up to defend your 1st Amendment rights.


I want to make sure that your fundamental rights are protected right now, as well as for your children and grandchildren. And with your help, we can ensure those rights are safe for future generations. Our Founding Fathers left us a gift, and now it’s up to us to pass it on.

With deep gratitude,


Jenny Beth Martin