How you can fight back against Big Tech

Think of a country where a small group of people decide what is truth and what is fiction.

This group isn’t held accountable for its decisions. They get away with anything they like. Hiding behind giant media and tech companies, or corrupt third party “fact checkers,” these mysterious people decide what you can see…what you can hear…and what you can say.

This group of unknown people not only control the information you receive, but they routinely ruin people’s social status and careers through censorship, cancellation, and slander—just by pressing a few buttons on a keyboard.

I’m not talking about Russia. Or China. I’m talking about today’s America and the power of Big Tech.


This is the kind of country we are about to live in—if we don’t fight right now. It’s now or never. Big Tech censorship is the greatest threat to Freedom of Speech in the history of the world. All other freedoms rely on our First Amendment rights. If we lose them, we lose everything.We routinely see leftist bias and outright lies completely unchallenged by Big Tech—while conservative voices are suppressed or canceled. PragerU is not taking this lying down. Here is what we are doing about it:

  • Educating millions about this grave threat, including a new documentary proving Big Tech bias, explaining how they censor, and exposing the danger of it
  • Battling Big Tech with lawsuits while fighting in the court of public opinion TO WAKE AMERICA UP
  • Building our distribution channels, like our free mobile app, to reach Americans directly
  • Growing grassroots programs, like PragerFORCE Students and Young Professionals and PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents (PREP), to get around censorship and make our voices heard

The only way to win is by reaching, educating, and convincing enough young people to fight. There will be no freedom without Freedom of Speech. We need you to help us.Your tax-deductible gift is needed TODAY to defend Freedom of Speech. Please make a donation now to help us take on Big Tech.

We will fight for you—and for all Americans—to be able to see and hear what you choose, and say what you think. America as we know it depends on us winning this fight.

We can’t win without you,

Marissa Streit

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