Huge “Socialism Stories” announcement!

I want to tell you more about what Tea Party Patriots Foundation (TPPF) has planned for 2020, and how you can help make it all happen by being a part of Giving Tuesday!

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So, let me tell you about one of our major projects for 2020!


In 2019, we produced a mini-documentary titled, Socialism Stories, profiling Oskar Arreaza, a legal immigrant to America who was forced to escape Venezuela with his family because the communists began to target his business and family. The response was overwhelming. After releasing Oskar’s video, we received email after email from other people who wanted to tell their personal stories of oppression under socialism and communism in countries like Cuba, the Soviet Union, and China.


As you know, American youth have been indoctrinated, pushing them to embrace socialism at alarming rates. Dry facts and numbers are not going to change their minds after the years of indoctrination they’ve received. However, personal stories, told directly from the mouths of people who suffered brutally, and were targeted, harassed, arrested, or tortured under socialism and communism have the power to cut through the fog of indoctrination.


And so, to take the fight to the next level, Tea Party Patriots Foundation will produce a full-length Socialism Stories documentary in 2020!

But, in order to be able to produce this crucial film, I need your help, and the best way you can help is to give through our Giving Tuesday program because your gift will be double matched by two generous donors! This means that if you give $50, for example, TPPF will receive $150, making it possible for us to produce Socialism Stories.

We can’t do this without you, which means stories like Oskar’s cannot be told without you.


Please go to to have your gift double matched, so that Oskar and others can tell their stories and stop socialism from taking root in America.

Thank you for all you do,


Jenny Beth Martin